Episode 41 – Sonata of Darkness

We apologize for the delay and hope things will normalize quite rapidly as we adjust to the new recording day of the week. Also that we’ll get less tired over time.

Download Episode 41 – Sonata of Darkness

I’m not sure this adequately explains her baldness.

Watch Episode 41 – Gathering X Of X Heroes
Watch Episode 42 – Defend X And X Attack

Hunter x Hunter’s Devil reminds me quite a bit of this guy

The Spiders are starting to get busy. I can’t believe we’ve already come this far.

Opening Song – Kijitsu Shi no Baire – Courtesy of Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack 1
Ending Song – Kumo no Canzone – Courtesy of Hunter X HUnter 2011 Soundtrack 2

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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