Episode 42 – This Episode is Not Canon.

A little bit of movie news, two episodes and no Diego.

Download Episode 42 – This Episode is Not Canon

Movie news, YEAH!

Watch Episode 43 – A X Shocking X Tragedy
Watch Episode 44 – Buildup to A Fierce Battle

Seeing as the York Shin arc is about to go bananas insane and we’re staying fairly true to the manga, 44 episodes in, do you prefer the previous series or the new one?

Opening Song – Kijitsu Shi no Baire – Courtesy of Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack 1
Ending Song – Kumo no Canzone – Courtesy of Hunter X HUnter 2011 Soundtrack 2

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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5 Responses to “Episode 42 – This Episode is Not Canon.”

  1. Bullet Beast, the name of the card game you’re trying to think of is called Bull Shit. I’ve played it before too, and that’s what I think it was called.

    Great episode guys, have a good one.


  2. jestertill Says:

    Pardon me if this has been asked and answered, but…Senritsu has super-sensitive hearing, right ? How did Uvogin’s screams not make her head explode ? Twice.

  3. jestertill Says:

    For the movie, I think it would be fun if we meet the Kurta clan, pre-eyeball-removal, and they turn out to be such total douchebags that we can all root for the Spiders. Which is what we’ll be doing anyway, but yeah..

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