Episode 39 – Chancletas

This time we’re covering two episodes due to Diego’s Anime Expo appearance disrupting our (new) usual recording time slot. Coincidentally it was also disrupted this past week for some WWE pay per view (also Diego’s fault) so expect next week’s episode to cover two episodes too. Thanks to Tasha/Kurama9 for emailing us again, and the rest of you can feel free to send some dialogue our way.

Download Episode 39 – Chancletas
We delve into the two episodes featuring Ging’s (un)fatherly challenge to Gon to come and find him.

Episode 37 – Ging X and X Gon
Episode 38 – Reply X from X Dad

I don’t hate the Ocean, I swear.

This is the place I was trying to remember the name of, and Blue Holes are underwater sinkholes.

Opening Song – The Mad Bailaor
Insert Song – Go on, Gon!
Ending Song – departure! second version
All Hunter x Hunter 2011 Soundtrack 2 Everything and all songs are property of their respective owners.

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2 Responses to “Episode 39 – Chancletas”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Thank god for your comment threads. Where else would I bitch about the old anime vs the new one ?
    So yeah, apart from boozing Mito, I also missed that scene where she makes Killua eat his vegetables, which was funny, and that scene where Gon and Kill have a fight and Mito slaps Killua round the earhole, which leads into a mini-flashback to Killua’s first kill. Old filler was awesome.

    (I’m guessing that scene from the York Shin arc, where Killua unscrambles the porn channel in his hotel room, is also going to get cut)

    As for that movie poster, I’m only at an elementary school reading level, so if you can find a scan that has readable furigana, I’ll happily translate that for you.

    Meanwhile, I’d love to hear you guys speculate about the movie’s plot, given what we already know about spider nr 4.

  2. Just saw the video about Blue hole’s, and I don’t blame you Foxy. I woundn’t want to dive/swim down the either.

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