Episode 24 – Rumors of Brother Trouble Greatly Exaggerated

This episode is a bit late because our Tuesday recording was canceled after Diego took ill this past week. After a period of getting ill, getting worse, dying and being buried on successive days, we decided the show must go on and recorded on Thursday.

Download Episode 24

For a guy getting his arm broken, Illumi is awfully carefree.

Watch Episode 21 – Some X Brother X Trouble.

We make up for our lack of manga theatre by covering Episode 21 and Chapters 337-339 of the manga.

I think the show went quite well despite the lack of Diego, don’t you? And no, not just because I did most of the talking. Bullet Beast did some heavy lifting as well.

Opening Song: Youko Keshi Soshite no Masanami (Version 2) (Hunter X Hunter Original Soundtrack)
Insert Song: Get Funky (Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack)
Ending Song: Hiiro no Hitomi no Aika (Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack)

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7 Responses to “Episode 24 – Rumors of Brother Trouble Greatly Exaggerated”

  1. jestertill Says:

    So yeah, that didn’t work. When’s the cool Mexican guy coming back to the show ? We like the cool Mexican guy. Cool Mexican guys are….cool.

    On a related note, when asked for a demonstration of the power of HxH fandom, I always point folks towards this podcast.
    “Dude, those people are, like, falling asleep, but they still keep talking ! That’s love, man !”

    Great show. Togashi building up stuff and then tearing it down in seconds, like an angry kid getting bored with his huge lego tower, is starting to annoy me too. I’m getting ready for the next anti-climax :

    Kalluto runs into Killua and Alluka :

    Kalluto : “DUDE !”
    Killua : “Yeah, yeah. He’s here. Deal with it.”
    Kalluto : “Oh okay.”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the next arc has all new characters.

  2. jestertill Says:

    A MOVIE ????


  3. jestertill Says:

    This movie had damn well better have lots of Zoldycks in it. And Hisoka being Hisoka.

    And cameos for the old voice cast.

    And I certainly hope the animation turns out better than that last FMA movie.

    A good story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A good episode this week, was sorry to hear about recording troubles again. I don’t know what translation you were reading but I was under the impression that the “outside” was like the gourmet world from

    • Toriko and not travel to space. At least we know the manga does not end when they meet.

      • Yeah, it did seem more like an alternate dimensions sort of thing.

        And Gon meeting Ging was sort of like Luffy finding the One Piece. Now what ? I’m curious to see what new motivations he’ll give Gon.

        ….if Gon is even in the next chapter.

  5. Enjoyed the show. 1/3 less than usual, but still entertaining and informative.

    Still hazy on a few things : Did Hisoka kill one of those shape-shifting beasties from way back in the first arc, pretending to be Gotoh ? And why would they sub for Gotoh in the first place ? Is everyone in the HxH universe on the Zoldyck payroll ? Or did Gotoh really get killed and are they replacing him with a shapeshifter ? Drawn dialogue was cute, but I could have used some actual words.

    I did like them referencing all that archeology stuff from way back. For a bookend chapter, it was quite well done. Him taking a break afer this is a little less jarring than buggering off in the middle of the ant arc.

    If there are still people disappointed in the anime, and I’m one of them, I urge you all to give this week’s ep another chance. The faster pace still takes getting used to, and they still skip some scenes I enjoyed (I’m pretty sure Leorio opened two doors on his own after training in the original), but the new Zoldycks are really, really good. I’d go as far as to say that they’re the first characters that are handled (slightly) better than in the original.

    Anyway, will there be a show next week, or are you guys having a hiatus too ?

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