Episode 25 – Mission Game

Diego’s triumphant return to the podcast is more like a whimper, but we don’t judge here at this virtual round table.

Download Episode 25

To be honest, Mass Effect 3 released on March 6th, and despite my reservations, I spent money on it anyway. I was playing directly up to recording time, which was why I’m not participating much in the anime episode discussion. However, Diego and Bullet Beast have been present enough times to be able to handle things on their own (mostly).

Watch Episode 22 – A X Dangerous X Watchdog.

Due to us recording speculation on three chapters last week, there was obviously no chapter left over for us to discuss, and without that we left the Chapter recap dance party to fester until next week as well, as it’s too close to the last time we tried to voice act those chapters to not incur fatigue.

Come this Tuesday, everything will be back to normal.

Opening Song – Koukai (Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack)
Ending Song – Mission Game (Hunter X Hunter OAV Soundtrack)
All songs are property of their respective owners.
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One Response to “Episode 25 – Mission Game”

  1. zawazawa Says:

    I was always under the impression that the Zoldyck residence was in the Maghrebian region of upside-down Africa, not South America.

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