Episode 23 – Pure Curiosity

Need to comfort yourself after learning that episode 21 won’t air until next week? Maybe this new episode will help? It will only make the longing worse? Oh well.

Download Episode 23-Pure Curiosity Here

Episode 20 – Baffling X Turn of X Events

Now we just need to hire an artist and jump feet first into this untapped corner of the Hunter X Hunter English doujinshi market.

Chapters 87-89 cover more auction hijinks.

Chapter 336 – Cancel: So yeah, everything.

Opening Song: Hashire!
Insert Song: Hate…
Ending Song: Kujiratou Yori
All songs from the Hunter X Hunter 2011 soundtrack.

All songs are property of their respective owners.
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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers

5 Responses to “Episode 23 – Pure Curiosity”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Uhm….there actually is a Killua/Mito doujinshi…..,in which KIllua has his feelings hurt when Mito goes “Gon !” during sex. You know I’m not making this up. You all now feel creepier just for knowing this. You’re welcome. 🙂

    You know, I enjoyed the liberties taken in the first anime. The fights were longer : Kurapica got to use his swords on Hisoka, Hanzo broke more than Gon’s arm, and yeah, Illumi’s reveal was just handled with tons more style. Face it, the voice was, again, perfect. The new one, again, just isn’t good enough.

    So, anyone know what the story is on 337 ? Assistants on strike ? Sale on cheap sake ? Earthquake ?
    Quality of the artwork aside, I really like the hitman turned into a Koala. Somebody should do that to Golgo 13.

    Seems there’s a new character songs cd coming. Any news ?

  2. jestertill Says:

    Re 339…..

    Is it just me, or is Jin planning to go into “outer space”, and weren’t you guys making fun of that very possibility a few shows ago ?

    Also, that kinda looks like gangster Kurapica….

    And if anyone gets that thing with the rabbit ears, please speak up…

    • I too am…confused ? And I’m not even sure about that. Was 339 just Togashi going “Fuck you ! Fuck you ALL !! I’m going last episode Evangelion on your asses !”, or was it an entirely new level of awesome ? Did the manga just jump the shark ?

  3. The new Zoldyck theme music has….bagpipes ?? And that town they rode through looks like an Austrian tourist trap. HxH geography is fucked up.

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