Episode 20 – Got that Donk

The second try at recording episode 20 unfortunately has much less slander and more clanging dishes in the Kitchen next door.

Download the Real Episode 20

What are you doing?

Watch Episode 17

We also finally got around to doing our reading of Chapters 77-79 and discuss chapters 332 & 333

Doctor Michael from the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, Just a Gintama Podcast & One Podcast Prevails joins us again for our mostly slander-free recording and to voice Phantom Troupe Member Uvogin & Señor Nostrade

Opening Song: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – Just Awake
Insert Songs: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – Interlude, Kumo (Spider) vs. Mafia (Hunter X Hunter Official Soundtrack)
Ending Song: Tsurette – Hunter X Hunter Official Soundtrack

All songs are property of their respective owners.
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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers

8 Responses to “Episode 20 – Got that Donk”

  1. This show was totally fucking amazeballs !

    So who thinks Ging is going to do a runner ?

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I think he’ll either run away (since he’s wanted to leave for a while) or Gon will decide to wait and meet him on his own terms.

      • jestertill Says:

        Yeah, Gon will surprise us all and ignore the sob, taking a hint from the fact that Jin still has his back turned.

        Either that or it’s panda no jutsu again.

        Funny panel, though, with the two Greed Island guys waving and pointing.

  2. jestertill Says:

    Worth the repeat performance just to hear Neon and Light Nostrade. That was more than fairly amusing.
    Just one more relatively boring anime episode to review before things get more consistently awesome. If the ratings don’t pick up when the Zoldyck arc starts, this thing is getting cancelled.

    You guys always get more creative when speculating about Kurapica than with any other character. Personally, I think his offscreen activities are going to be just as disappointing as Leorio’s. He’ll probably turn out to have been polishing his chain or playing Skyrim.

    Predictions for the next manga chapter should be interesting, although I think we already made some with that particular meeting in mind.
    Might be more fun to figure out what’s happened to Killua. What with him repeating “we’re going to be together forever”, I think there’s a slight chance he may be the new host for Nanika now.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I don’t know why I’m theorizing that he had something to do with Alluka getting Nanika in the first place, hence the guilt. That and he knows way too damn much about it. I wouldn’t be surprised I he took on the responsibility.
      I think we all like Kurapika more than Leorio and he’s strong enough to potentially be doing something cool.

  3. damedrfoxybrown :
    I wouldn’t be surprised I he took on the responsibility.

    He should pass it on to Illumi, aka the only person in the world who would actually look less creepy with a nanika face.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I do hope Mr. Crazy Zoldyck swoops in and takes it on, because it would spare Killua but at the same time it would be interesting seeing a lead character deal with that sort of spirit/demon/other. Obviously we’ve had possessed characters before, but not with this level of randomness and with an ability seemingly so far out of the possessed’s control. Unless Killua magically knows what is what, then give it to Illumi and lock him up on some crazy farm somewhere, or the other hunters will take him off of the family’s hands.

      As for a theoretically non-possessed Alluka does s/he go back to the family and learn the trade or does Killua more permanently run away from home with her/him? Will the parents even want this child back? Is Killua right in his assumption that he’s the only one who cares? Will Alluka’s personality even be the same? How much of Alluka is derived from Nanika? Or are they two separate entities in one body with no spillover?

      As you can see I have too many questions. Maybe I’ll remember to ask some on the show tonight.

  4. jestertill Says:

    335, page 1 : “Yo”

    LOL !

    Favorite quote : “Zodiacs ! Stop laughing and do something !”

    RFLMOA !

    I love HxH.

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