Episode 21 – Famous Last Words

Next week! Next week things will be better, til then you’ll have to suffer through a few minutes of out of sync discussion. I thought I had that sorted but I guess the forces that be find a way.

Download Episode 21
In this recording we discuss episode 18, Chapters 80-83 of volume nine and Chapter 334.

Watch Episode 18 – Big X Time X Interview

I have a coworker who would have the fits if she saw this, and snakes on a plane I guess.

Opening Song: Hisoka’s Theme (2011) – Hunter X Hunter (2011)
Insert Songs: Tamesareru Toki & Heion Na Hibi – Official Hunter X Hunter Soundtracks.
Ending Song: The Maker – Hunter X Hunter Greed Island Soundtrack

All songs are property of their respective owners.
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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers

7 Responses to “Episode 21 – Famous Last Words”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Didn’t notice anything out of synch. Guess I’m kinda used to you guys tripping over each other. 🙂
    Not much to say about the anime. I’m resigned to it being less than the original in every possible way. Sure, fancier animation, more color,…fact is, the original did more with less. Nuff said. I may stop watching it altogether. (I keep saying that, but I never do. Starting to feel like a battered houswife. Stop hurting me, Madhouse !)

    Cold reading those old manga chapters is still good fun.I like Leorio being voiced as a wiseguy. They should have done that in the english dub. Did they ? I have no idea. I can’t watch those dubbed episodes. Gon’s voice just cracks me up.
    Oh, and I hope Diego didn’t do his throath a mischief voicing Ubougin.

    If memory serves, this is the third time Foxy expressed the desire to see Kurapica tied up and beaten the crap out of. Is this out of frustration with dangling plotlines, or do you just want somebody to write that fan-fic ? 🙂

    So how awesome was 335 ? I counted 3 “did not see that coming” moments, which is quite a lot for one manga chapter, and he still ends on a cliffhanger. Given that Killua was sweating bullets in his last confrontation with his big bro, he looks suspiciously calm now.
    I’m not making predictions anymore. The manga is in uncharted territory now. Pretty much anything can happen.

  2. Since Gon blubbed like a little bitch, Hunter X Hunter is now officially a Shoujo manga.

    Enjoyed the show. More please.

  3. The anime… lol.
    I feel that each time I try to take the anime seriously, one of the few brain cells that I have left after kicking the habit of sniffing smelly markers as a kid, decides to go shrivel up and die.
    If I don’t take it seriously, most of the episodes so far are comedy gold.
    Chapter 335 is interesting to say the least. Paristroll showing signs of emotion was sort of disturbing ( well, maybe not considering he is from shoujo manga). Gon’s maturity has gone out the window upon sighting his dad. Killua, again was screwed over. Leorio is … there. Jin = yuusuke, and Togashi is unpredictable.
    nice podcast episode, by the way. Seems like ubogin got accent training to erase the teminator accent.

  4. If only it was a shoujo manga, predicting what’s going to happen next would be so much easier…

    Next, on hunter x hunter 336 : Gon and Leorio visit Chibi Kaito. They have tea and crumpets and talk about their feelings. Meanwhile, the Zoldyck boys decide that killing people is not cool, and they agree to start a boyband. Also, Kurapica turns out to be a girl after all, and Senritsu turns out to be a man. They marry and have several ugly blond children.

    Everybody still hates Jin, though.

  5. 336 : more blubbing…

  6. jestertill Says:



    AWESOME. 🙂

  7. hello :
    336 : more blubbing…

    Actually, I found that quite touching. More annoyed by the whole zashiki warashi thing. I mean, a fucking youkai ? Okay, didn’t see that one coming either, but wtf ??

    Soo…since there’s no anime next week (really ?) maybe have a look at Togashi’s other show, and I don’t mean Yuu yuu. “Level E” is pretty darn funny. Don’t look at the reviews. They are wrong.

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