Episode 19.7 – The One Where the Recorder F*cks Us

Episode 20, was amazing, in total we spent well over 4 hours talking to each other and hanging out on Skype. Unfortunately, my recorder decided you guys weren’t worthy of hearing all of the on-topic stuff and corrupted the files, so all I have to give you this week is the anime discussion. I doubt we’ll ever be able to replicate that level of magic, even if we have Doctor of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast and Just A Gintama Podcast and his fraternal twin Michael of the One Podcast Prevails – A Detective Conan Podcast on together. I’m sorry it has to come to this, so I’m releasing this short fraction of an episode early to make up for it. By next week I’ll try to look into a different program and setup.

I’m Sorry this isn’t a full episode

(insert meme here)

Episode 16 – Defeat X And X Disgrace

There was going to be a meme-tastic insert song but I ended up so dejected by the missing audio files that I don’t even care anymore. Enjoy the short episode, I’m off to go drown my sorrows in overpriced, lukewarm hot chocolate and last week’s SUPER HERO TIME.

Warning, comments may contain spoilers

4 Responses to “Episode 19.7 – The One Where the Recorder F*cks Us”

  1. jestertill Says:

    I’m such a pathetic fan that just knowing there was over 4 hours of HxH talk is good enough for me.
    Seriously though, this kinda sucks. You guys need a tech person.

    Oh well, since this was the best episode of the remake so far, I’m glad the anime review got saved.
    Yeah, the original scene where Gon snags the button happened at night, and it was a thousand times creepier for it. Also the moment where Hisoka smacks him in the kisser was waaay more brutal. In the remake, Gon looks like a pouting kid who just got spanked. In the first show, it took him half an episode to recover. No way he got away from that without brain damage.

    Just read 333. It’s painfully obvious what’s going to happen next :
    -Pariston asks Leorio what he’s going to do if he gets to be chairman.
    -Leorio repeats what he said before : Send all the hunters to help Gon.
    -Pariston, who felt Alluka do his thing, tells him Gon is fine, so now what will he do if he gets to be chairman ?
    -Leorio goes “uuuuhm…..”, and loses the election.

    If that happens, I won’t be happy. Bring Leorio back just so he can be a tool AGAIN ? Poor guy can’t catch a break.

    That being said, the manga is fucking awesome now.

  2. jestertill Says:

    If you’re over it now, Foxy, I’m sure we’d all like that meme-tastic insert song now. 🙂

  3. Can’t wait for you next episode. I believe that illumi will betray the Zoldycks due to his lust for power and control. I also think that there is a connection between Pariston, ilummi and Hisoka (although Hisoka will be helping them just to see how strong Pariston is). Will Gon remember what happened when he wakes up? Will illumi try to control Killua to get control of Alluka/iT?

    in my opinion this series has the same if not more potential that One Piece. Too bad the constant interruptions have rob this series of the accolades it deserves. It was through manga sites forums that I became interested in this series. I hope that there will be no more long hiatus ( I do not mind 1 month breaks once a year). Great job with the podcast. Please don’t stop before greed island in your manga recaps. Diegos Hisokas’ voice is awesome, perverted and hilarious at the same time. Finally I think the Chimera ants arc showed what the Hunter Association and some of its members are all about. Also I believe that “X day” could be not only a test for potential hunters but a test for every hunter as well.

  4. jestertill Says:

    I pretty much called most of 334, but holy crap, that’s a game-changing cliffhanger.

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