Episode 15 – Majority Decision

An experimental new format for the anime episode review, which means YAY you get to hear less of me and more of Diego and Bullet Beast. Let us know how you feel about this way of doing things.

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Trick to the Trick covers the aftermath of Kurapika’s battle in the Trick Tower.
Episode 10

Chapters 70-74 cover the beginning stages to the Auction at York Shin, introduce the Phantom Troupe and their purpose for being there (Spoilers: IT’S AWESOME), and tell us a bit more about Greed Island and Gon & Killua’s plan for raising money.

I for one, bow to our new censor overlords, because there's no way we get this panel animated as is.

Chapter 327
Our discussion goes off on a wild tangent and it really does seem as though the more episodes we release the more likely it is that our anti-pedophilia PSA is going to be recorded. You can hear us get progressively more and more tired as the session went on. It ended after 1am, so forgive us.
Opening Song: Kettou He No Jokyoku
Insert Songs: Haha to no Saikai & Kataki Ka Mikata Ka
Closing Song: York Shin no Masanami
All Songs Found on the Official Hunter X Hunter Soundtracks.

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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers.

PS. Sorry about the humming in this episode. I will figure out the source of this at some point. I know it’s on my end.

3 Responses to “Episode 15 – Majority Decision”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Only halfway through, but just have to compliment Diego/Zorro on his Frank voice.

    And Jin being Jin, I guess the ten-titted frog thing might be Gon’s mom. It explains his supernatural jumping ability and why he always wears green.

  2. Good episode this week, but I have to wonder if Foxy’s new found dislike of Killua is leading her to have wet dream fantasies of his most painful destruction. Also for this arc I think the member of the podcast have put way to much emphasis on the darkness of HxH. Sure fucked up shit happens to side characters all the time, but the main guys have always end up okay, even in this episode you talk about how they would not have made it out of the spiders clutches without main character power. What seems most likely to me is that Killua eventualy gets to the hospital, makes the wish and uses his secret rule to get out of/gamble/fight out of the cost. As much as I would like some fucked up shit to happen I don’t see it happening.

    On Hisoka and his real name, if everyone calls him that now including himself would that not make it his true name for nen abilities. The Hisoka part of himself is the true part now and Hank or whoever he was before doesn’t matter anymore.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I only ever think about Hunter X Hunter as I’m recording it. LOL I don’t get myself whipped into a frenzy every Tuesday because I loathe Killua. I’m a very off the top of my head type person. Most of it is unrehearsed and comes out because I have a platform. Things like the ssaa podcast’s resident superhero were thought of as I was saying it because that’s the way I am.
      To me the most interesting things about heroes are their downfall and I treat each session of predictions as though I were writing it myself. So often what comes out is what sounds cool to me. I know that this doesn’t work for everyone and most people would hate it. I also imagine Hisoka as Cookie Monster doing Monsterpiece Theatre, now which is more weird?

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