Episode 14 – Dynamic Duo

First there was Batman and Robin, and then came the teamup of Marshall Mathers and Andre Young, but Hunter X Hunter boasts a potentially even greater teamup, replete with what appears to be backstabbings galore. Unfortunately, that’s completely spoiler and hypothetical territory.

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Spiders, gotta name them all.

Episode 9
To all of my poor friends that got slandered, I apologize on behalf of the other two. There has yet to be a PreCure episode of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, I was instead thinking of this Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha episode instead, so if you’re into that sort of thing, it exists and Dominic was most definitely not in it.

Chapters 67-69 are setup chapters for the York Shin arc that is just about ready to jump off and it also hints at the followup Greed Island arc.

After the disastrous events of last week regarding the Chapter 325 discussion you’re instead treated to a discussion on why my personal hangups prevent me from liking Killua in this arc. Chapter 326 is discussed in full and both Diego and Bullet Beast throw out some interesting thoughts on how the next few chapters will go.

7 Responses to “Episode 14 – Dynamic Duo”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Random quote : “..clearly, that thing has got boobs..”
    I love this podcast. It’s so highbrow. 🙂

    I guess we all liked the episode where Kurapica finally transforms from Dr Exposition into Mister Kickass. Too bad it’ll take another two arcs before he gets to do that again.
    Wonder what will happen to his arachno-rage if the Phantom Troupe ever changes it’s logo.

    Nice job on the York Shin prelude chapters. I figured you’d be all out of voices, but I definitely heard some new ones. After the mind-bending horror of the American dub, I’m finding your amateur version rather charming.

    Enjoyed the lengthy manga discussion. BB correctly predicted the first casualty, it seems. Hope he’s not really dead, though. Kinda liked him.
    Not sure why Foxy suddenly dislikes Killua for being an arrogant brat. Wasn’t that part of his character from day one ? It’s going to take some serious tragedy to make him grow out of that.
    And now I’m suddenly wondering if Illumi ever pushed any needles in Alluka’s noggin…

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      Like I said though, there are things that don’t bother me until I suddenly spend a massive amount of time with a particular character. It’s like being really close friends with someone and then moving in together and growing to hate them because all of their flaws you thought you liked are amplified and now you can’t stand them in the least. So yeah, I’ve moved in with Killua and now I want to kick his punk ass out of the house before I strangle him and then Illumi kills me..

  2. Foxy’s new dislike for Killua does seem a little extreme to me as well, whatever his flaws he still seems normal compared to some of the other Zoldycks. I was surprised how quickly Hisoka “killed” Gotoh, I suppose I forgot his nature since we haven’t seen him kill anyone since the tower arc. As for Gotoh he was surprisingly strong, so it makes me wonder what kind of hold the Zoldycks have on the butlers that they can keep so many powerful people in check.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      Be glad you weren’t around when I turned on Kurapika. I went from I love this kid to I fucking hate this guy and hope the spiders kill him so fast my best friend’s neck broke due to whiplash.

      As to comparing Killua to the other Zoldyck’s obviously I’d be more harsh on him due to him having more face time. They’re monsters and that’s original and fun because they don’t give a shit. Killua wants to be normal and seeing him struggle is interesting when the other guys are around. In their absence it’s tired and old and played out.

  3. jestertill Says:

    Just watched 11. Of all the possible ways they could have messed this up, for Killua to put the heart in a doggie bag, didn’t even occur to me.

    New show soon ? I usually listen to you guys before watching the new ep. Now there’s a hole where entertainment should be. You don’t get to go on hiatus until Togashi does. 🙂

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I just put episode 15 online. I guess you wouldn’t know this if you don’t follow us on Twitter but my house was recently broken into and among other things my primary monitor was stolen so that’s the reason this episode was delayed.
      I haven’t seen the episode yet as I usually watch it as close to recording time as possible but I saw a screencap. Diego seemed to like it but I can never be sure if he’s being honest when tweeting. At this point we just have to resign ourselves to censorship. From here it’s a matter of taking bets on what will be edited and how.
      We wanted more of the story animated and for now this is the best we’re going to get. Like everything else in life, we have to take the bad with the good.

      • jestertill Says:

        I don’t even have a twitter account. Just read the tweets on this site. Sorry to hear people stole half your computer and god knows what else. Burglars are mean. They suck wet farts out of dead pigeons. So there.

        Well, if that kinda thing doesn’t stop you people, nothing will. Your dedication is appreciated.

        I’d rather not think about what else is going to get creatively watered down. I’m going to concentrate on the manga for a while. It’s pretty wild : Grandmothers turning into nen-powered motorcycles, and Bill Cosby just dispatched his minions to kill Batman and Robin. Beat that, One Piece.

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