Episode 16 – It’s Okay Eyebrows, We believe in You

Due to some unforseen circumstances (car troubles) only Bullet Beast and I are in this episode. We do our best to soldier on without a third voice, and well, judge for yourselves.

Download Episode 16

Luckily Diego was unable to attend because he was going to defend the censorship in episode 11, and now we can save you having to type the hate mail and both of us having to read it.

Episode 11 – Trouble X With X The X Gamble

You have to enjoy watching this guy. He's awesome whenever he's on screen.

Short episode this week due to not doing the manga recap play.

Chapter 328 – Arrangements Discussion

Opening Song – Hard Iced
Insert Song – Next Step
Closing Song – Katari au omoi

All songs from the Hunter x Hunter Original Soundtracks

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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers

By the way shameless plug Bullet Beast recently did a guest spot on another show of mine the Just a Gintama Podcast

3 Responses to “Episode 16 – It’s Okay Eyebrows, We believe in You”

  1. I’d have to agree that Hanzo is the only thing in the anime that’s better the second time around.

  2. comyanderah Says:

    Hi there! Long time listener, first time post-er here! I just got to say, I’m really loving your podcast every week! And it seems, your predictions/theories have been coming true recently. For this episode, you mentioned that those hunter dude who were going to hunt for the needle people or fodders… guess what for chapter 329? It’s not just them, but those 3-man anti-chairman faction as well seem fodder… lol at Bushidora aka Bison being off-paneled; he has a cape godamit =))

  3. Car trouble ? Check him for needles.

    Still a good show, but would have been better with a full house. Same goes for that foxy-less segment in the show before this one.

    It would be quite fabulous if Kikyoo showed up to spank some sense into her kids, but I don’t see that happening. What will happen, however, is Hisoka throwing a card at Alluka. And missing.

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