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Episode 14 – Dynamic Duo

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First there was Batman and Robin, and then came the teamup of Marshall Mathers and Andre Young, but Hunter X Hunter boasts a potentially even greater teamup, replete with what appears to be backstabbings galore. Unfortunately, that’s completely spoiler and hypothetical territory.

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Spiders, gotta name them all.

Episode 9
To all of my poor friends that got slandered, I apologize on behalf of the other two. There has yet to be a PreCure episode of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, I was instead thinking of this Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha episode instead, so if you’re into that sort of thing, it exists and Dominic was most definitely not in it.

Chapters 67-69 are setup chapters for the York Shin arc that is just about ready to jump off and it also hints at the followup Greed Island arc.

After the disastrous events of last week regarding the Chapter 325 discussion you’re instead treated to a discussion on why my personal hangups prevent me from liking Killua in this arc. Chapter 326 is discussed in full and both Diego and Bullet Beast throw out some interesting thoughts on how the next few chapters will go.