Unofficial Promo

12 episodes in and we’re committing to advertising by making ourselves a promo. We have what could be a pretty fun idea but we could use your help. If you want to participate send us a short (1-2 sentences) audio recording of your response to the prompt. “Hunter X Hunter is…” and it doesn’t have to be in English if you send us a written English translation. Yes Snowy, you’re required to send us one. The description can be serious or silly. Send all entries to

3 Responses to “Unofficial Promo”

  1. Great chapter this week, but man is the zoldyck family fucked up.

    • jestertill Says:

      I dunno…I made a diagram like that of my own family once, and it looked pretty fucked up as well. 🙂

      I rather enjoyed the comedy stylings of Hisoka. He’s such a card.

  2. I hope you guys liked the recording I sent.

    I look forward to hearing the Promo.


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