Episode 13 – I’m going to Kill Bullet Beast, but he sounds good as a woman

So good news, we have Dominic of the AniManga podcast. The bad news is that this week’s episode will not have the manga recap of chapter 325 due to me not even knowing what happened. So you all will miss out on hearing us talk about the latest manga happenings with a near-noobish Dominic listening and not contributing at all.

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One of these days Tonpa, straight to the moon!

Episode 8
Chapters 64-66 give us some more detail about Ging’s life before being a Hunter, as well as clarifies Gon’s relationship with Mito a bit and gives context to the statements that he sees her as his mother moreso than whoever his biological mother is. Do we know why Mito hated the idea of Gon being a Hunter so much? Maybe? Do we know why she’s so bitter? Well…we’ve got theories.

Next week’s episode is going to have a double manga recap (at least) so those of you that join us for that, look forward to a discussion of why I like Killua less now.

Opening Song: Toi Kioku
Insert Song: Ganbarishiyou
Ending Song: Curtain Call

All songs from the Hunter X Hunter Soundtracks.

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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers.

2 Responses to “Episode 13 – I’m going to Kill Bullet Beast, but he sounds good as a woman”

  1. jestertill Says:

    This was consistently entertaining. For such a specialized podcast, that’s quite a feat.
    And I no longer have a problem with Foxy sounding slightly fed up at times, as I’ve just been told how many other podcasts she’s on. I guess sleeping really is for pussies.

    Bullet beast really is a pretty good seiyuu. He toned it down after you guys started laughing though. Don’t be jealous. Let him do his stuff. 🙂

    Your recorder ate the manga review ? That’s what you get for talking smack about Jin. Stuff starts rewinding and erasing itself.

  2. Bullet_Beast Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jestertill! Honestly, keeping the female voices consistent is really challenging. I’m sure you heard me constantly dropping them. XD That theory on why the recorder ate the recording sounds spot on though. ^_^

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