Episode 12 – A Wing and a Prayer

The episode begins as it always has, and it always will. We discuss episode 7 of the new anime series where we finally decide we can dig Killua’s portrayal this time around, even though we still have some nitpicks. The chapter review is of the conclusion of the Heavens Arena, chapters 61-63, and lastly we get more of the Zoldycks and their beautiful dysfunction in Chapter 324.

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It's shit like this Hisoka. This is why we can't have nice things.

We discuss some info a fan passed to us regarding the licensing of the new series and Hunter X Hunter’s horrible position in Weekly Shounen Jump.

I wish I had some PSA or “A very Special Episode” type music for the last segment. And you’ll only know why if you listen to the end. That’s a horrible tease I know, and I’m not sorry.

Also, this Alluka stuff is complicated man.

Opening Song: Youko Keshi Soshite no Masanami
Insert Songs:

Hunter x Hunter no Tema ~Daiti no Kodo~

Ending Song: Yoake

All songs from the Hunter X Hunter Soundtracks.

PS. Adopt abused dogs.

PPS. As for the ending blurb, well, I’m on this other little podcast called the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, and we’re even more insane.

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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers.

4 Responses to “Episode 12 – A Wing and a Prayer”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Woah, great episode.

    Everybody happy with Shin Killua now, even though he looks 8 instead of 12 ? I’ll admit the voice is growing on me, but I’ll wait until the really heavy stuff before I decide if this is gonna work.
    And he was definitely kidding about arresting his family. With Killua, you can sort of tell when he’s serious. Different expression entirely.

    If you think the Gon/Hisoka fight was uncomfortably inappropriate, then you haven’t seen the curtain call for the first musical. It has both of them joining hands, and skipping of the stage like a couple of newlyweds, while the entire audience is applauding and laughing their asses off. It’s like the Japanese have no word for “creepy”.

    I thought Killua going on about still being able to “give an order”, might refer to those rules only he knows about, but after listening to you guys, I’m thoroughly confused again. Togahsi had better have used those hiatuses for plotting, or this might get painfully complicated.

    I’m going to have to listen to that last bit again, as I’m not quite sure how you got from injured birds to masturbation in only 10 minutes.
    (Can’t you just throw the injured bird at the three-legged dog ? )

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I’m paraphrasing, but I’ve been told I don’t so much have trains of thought as a horrible multi-train derailment that results in me teleporting from car to car randomly for reasons that make no sense to anyone but me. I tend to pull other people into that exact same vortex.

      On Togashi, I’m going to trust that he’s planned it out reasonably well, but I kin of want everything to blow up in his face. He’s got a mostly good heart but he is incredibly arrogant for a kid and he still has a lot to learn about the world. For the new Killua I’m not so much sold so much as I’m not nearly as angry as I was about him.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        I am talking about Killua of course on the wishing ill, and not Togashi. I wish that man the best. Stupid iPod typing.

  2. Another good long episode, don’t know where you guys find the time. Once again I found your speculation about the next chapter/leorio funny based on what we know now. Finally I must wonder what Foxy was smoking for the last segment o.O

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