Episode 11.55 – I hope nobody out there is a Milluki fan

Yeah, like the title says, if you like the largest of the 5 Zoldyck siblings, apologies, we’re not nice to the man at all, though admittedly it’s well deserved. By the by, no I do not remember what Bullet Beast was talking about at the very beginning of this segment but it sounds funny so I left it in.

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In retrospect I probably didn’t need to split this episode up. Oh well. We forgot to cover some news that maybe we’ll get to next week, and apologies to Sam, we’ll discuss your question next week too.

See now that's a face even your mother could hate. Even if your mother was Kikyou Zoldyck, she who possesses Hellgate betwixt her legs.

Opening Song: Silver no Toujou
This song from the Hunter X Hunter original soundtrack.

Ending Song: Ogon Soul by Shonan no Kaze
This song is obviously not but it’s too awesome to not expose everyone I can to it.

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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers.

28 Responses to “Episode 11.55 – I hope nobody out there is a Milluki fan”

  1. The opening song is “Silva no Toujou” or “Silva’s Appearance,” which I imagine you knew since this was a very Zoldyck-oriented episode.

  2. With a title like that, I expected more fat jokes. 🙂
    After reading 324, I’m sure you’re glad you didn’t pick on Kikyoo. I kinda feel sorry for her now. Evil bitch-queen or not, she’s still a mom, and that had to hurt.

    Thanks for supporting my belief in the uniqueness of HxH. I’d even rate it above One Piece because it has more range. One Piece is too cartoony, both in art and story. HxH can go anywhere, do anything.

  3. damedrfoxybrown :
    I’m fine with it though waiting so long is killing me.

    Well, it’s a helluva lot of text again.

    Worth the wait, though. If only for the look on Silva’s face.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      His mother still nearly jizzed herself when she heard that wish though. She’s definitely a hard M, isn’t she? I don’t know why I expected more from this chapter. I kind of wish we’d gotten some more election stuff even. Nice to see Canary though.

      • jestertill Says:

        Lol, yeah, she’s almost a little too twisted. I want the Zoldycks to stay mysterious and fascinating like that, but I also wanna find out more. At least the musical Kikyoo gave us a hint as to why the Zoldycks are the way they are.

        If you were expecting an “angry clown”, well, I was too. That page was in a 5 page preview posted on raw hunters.com before the full version. I have no idea why that wasn’t included, or how they even got that one if it’s part of 325. Maybe they just wanted everyone to see that look he gave Killua. I’m pretty sure we’ve never seen him really angry before.

        Next manga discussion needs to be about how awesome Killua is. Gon has some catching up to do, imo.
        (Oh, and Killua had Sora shoes before it was cool)

  4. A good episode for the most part, however I find all the love for Togashi in regards nen to be a little ridiculous. Nen might have started out following the specializations, but at this point it has pretty much turned into magic. Also it seems clear to me that Togashi did not know where he was going nen. When it gets introduced it seems it is a secret thing that people only find out about after becoming hunters, but later on some many people have including the entire mafia that there is no way that it could be a secret. Never mind the giant plot hole of Killua not knowing about nen. I also found it pretty humorous that you were bashing Naruto and then when straight into saying how great Gons super cliché “trade life for power” was, Naruto even did better in my opinion (see Choji). Anyways you guys are still good, just whatever you do don’t start calling him Togodashi or something like that 😛

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      Naruto invalidated all of its storyline impact for Chouji by having him survive. At least with Gon we’re getting to see how he will make it rather than instantly breaking the rule of the technique “it will kill you”. And it doesn’t help that in Naruto it was all for naught, whereas in this Kaito still exists, sorta.

    • oh, goodie. one naruto fan found this site. pls don’t be hatin’ on nen when kishi practically took it and named it “chakra”. between the two, chakra look more like a flashier magic show; all lights and sound with little to no damage on the human bodies.

      nen is a secret only hunters know (and their apprentices) and the most dangerous people you don’t want to mess with. you think a fodder mafia goon could “see” nen? lol

      as for the “giant killua plot hole”, they discovered nen at the 200th flr of the celestial tower. killua himself said his father left him there when he was six and was told to return after clearing the 200th flr. killua quit after two years on the 190th flr. do i have to spell it out more?

      the choji scene a more better presentation of “trade life for power cliche”? wow. just wow. good thing choji got rescued fast and tsunade was there to heal him, yeah? whereas, even the best doctorS at the disposal of the hunter organization (comparable to several tsunades) can do nothing about gon’s condition that killua was forced to rely on his *SPOILER* brother/sister’s help to heal gon.

      you’re good too, my man. btw, might want to replace the flowers on your kishi shrine ‘coz it looks like it’s beginning to rot.

      • I am hardly a naruto fan, the Choji fight was better then with Gon in my opinion. I just brought it up because the cast was dissing naruto on one hand and then praising Togashi for his cliche deus ex machina on the other. Besides in my mind what ever plot they use to return the character to the way they were before doesn’t stop it from being any less cliche. I would much rather Gon had a real battle or had actually aged, looking back it seems that it was a set up for this current arc.

        Maybe the specifics of nen are only know to hunters, but it is clearly not the big secret he made it out to be at the start. For example everyone who went to the underground auction saw nen in action, with the greed island console.

        As for the Killua plot hole as am referring as to why would the zoldiks did not teach him how to use nen? His younger brother some how learnt and master it younger then him, yet Silvia sent him out on presumably dangerous assassination missions without even the slightest knowledge of it. The only answer is Togashi did not have everything planned out

  5. snowylocks Says:

    Fight ! Fight ! Fight ! 🙂

  6. @Ricey

    you’re hardly a naruto fan but was affected with the “naruto bashing” strong enough to comment on this blog, said nen was overrated, find plot holes on hxh, dissed on gon’s “power in exchange for life” cliche, and finished it by saying they musn’t start making togashi shrines? wow. if you’re “hardly a fan” then most anime/manga fans are actually manias and the 3 hxh podcasters here are downright obsessed with the series. that’s nice to know.

    as for choji, it’s your opinion. you’re welcome to praise kishi for this “deus ex machina cliche” and leave others alone if we like the gon’s version much better. it’s also quite funny that the reason you don’t like the gon’s version is simply because, in your opinion, the “cliche” might have been handled better if the character did this and this… so it’s not really about the “cliche” but because togashi didn’t made gon what YOU want gon to do.

    now we go to the fun part: the plot holes you raised.

    1) nen

    well, wing already covered it on the celestial/heaven’s arena arc. try to read and comprehend it again: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/hunter_x_hunter/v06/c048/2.html

    regular people like those mafias you mentioned on your other comment and those in the auction doesn’t know about nen. they don’t know that what they see/feel is nen. the massacre and the js console were simply thought of being SUPERNATURAL or UNKNOWN event/things.

    just like ANY unexplained/disturbing things that happened in your life (ghost stories). you know/feel there’s something but you can’t explain much less know what it is. so you chalked it up to either a “ghost” or “just my imagination” or even try to explain it in “scientific/reasonable” manner while it might be something else that only special people know about.

    another example is *SPOILER* the nostrad divination girl (forgot her name). she know she can predict the future. she know she has that “power” but she doesn’t know what it actually is. kuroro saw the “ghost writer” nen activated when she’s in a trance. no one (save those who know nen) can see this ghost writer.

    this is the best example why nen remains to be unknown to regular folks. read this part: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/hunter_x_hunter/v06/c046/14.html up to the 16th page. we got to hear killua’s thoughts about fighting a nen fighter (albeit a novice one) w/o killua knowing about nen at all. note the last panel. killua said: “it’s not possible” w/ a “i can’t believe it” face. that’s how those mafias and the people on the auction thought.

    2) killua not being taught nen at an early age solely because kalluto knows it despite being younger than him

    sigh. so i guess i really have to spell it out for you. his father intended killua to know about the existence of nen when he was six and was abandoned on the celestial/heaven’s arena tower. but killua, being killua, quit just before the 200th floor (where nen battle starts) and goes back home. mind that killua was in that tower for 2 years fighting to get to the 200th floor. judging by this scenario, we can safely assume that kalluto was also left on the celestial/heaven’s arena tower at the age of six and unlike killua, went to the 200th floor and learned about nen.

    the z-family also don’t go to assassination missions w/o backup. killua being the precious son and heir will not be going on any solo missions. i think illumi’s the one who always with him during these times and trained him more than his father. hence, *SPOILER* even if illumi was not the most beloved person for killua, he still in danger from alluka’s power being he was the person killua spent the most time with.

    if you want plot holes, i’ll give you some:

    1) kurapika. how the hell did he survive the kuruta massacre? and if he was away when that happened, how did he know it was the genei ryodan who did it? it’s against genei ryodan code to leave clues about them.

    2) zeno’s dragon drive. why does killua knows about the dragon dive when he doesn’t know about nen before? he’s mostly w/ gon when/after they learned about nen and there are only 2 times they weren’t joined to the hip: when killua went to the hunter exam (greed island arc) and when killua served as a distraction and battled it out with tanks and planes for 30 hours straight (chimera ant arc).

    i personally don’t think togashi planned EVERYTHING on hxh because that would be absurd. why he has my respect as a good storyteller is how he’s unpredictable and how layered his stories are. i look forward to him answering the plot holes i raised above.

    • Man dude you take things way to seriously, I have been posting on the SSAA stuff for years and the reason I made this one is not because I am naruto fan….
      If you must know I am actually a big one piece who gets annoyed by all the gOda stuff, hence the Togodashi joke at the end (lame as it might be). If you read the original post you will see that i never once implied that i do not like hunter x hunter I just wanted to point out that Togashi is not the perfect mangaka he was being made out as.
      1. So none of these people ever investigated the strange stuff they saw? Oh this game is indestructible and can suck people in deifying the laws of physics with the explanation that it runs on a mysterious power. I hardly think people would just chalk that up to ghosts and then forget about it.
      2. So Killua dad sent him to get baptized by nen in the tower without even warning him about nen, because that is totally how you teach your son/protege. To think that Killua would never be taught/told about nen or find out about it for himself after seeing someone use it, is utterly ridiculous and I don’t know how you can even defend that position.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        Everyone else got sent off into the tower to get baptized every year without prior warning. And in case you haven’t noticed, nobody seems to care much when anybody gets killed. And the Zoldyck family doesn’t exactly show love the way traditional parents and children do. Like we said, the people who love Killua most are most likely those who have treated him the worst.
        As for the first point, well, if the people instructing it and using it guard the secrets of nen, you can investigate all you want and you won’t find out much more than it being some form of magic.

        Ricey is our boy though, going way back, so though you may disagree with his assertions, don’t treat him too harshly.

  7. Any Japanese speakers in the house ? “Nanika” means “something”, right ?

    • jestertill Says:


      And since we’re on the subject, did 324 settle the gender thing or not ? Killua called him a “girl” again, but it was in quotation marks in both the japanese text and in the translation.

      My best guess is that it’s some sort of nickname. Maybe they played house a lot and Alluka was always the wife.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        That’s my theory as well. That they’re playing some sort of game that the other Zoldyck boys aren’t privy to and the game will be revealed to have some sort of plot significance. That or Kikyou got to him.

  8. jestertill Says:

    Need some good news ? Check out the raws for 325. You guys have been predicting this since episode 1 of the podcast, but still, it’s good to see him. I really missed this guy.

    One more to go…:)

    • snowylocks Says:

      Does it explain how he’s suddenly number 3 in the election ? Cuz that makes no friggin sense.

      If this really has a scene where he hits Jin, I’m framing it.

      • jestertill Says:

        Full translation is up. Make sense now ? 🙂 If politics worked like that in the real world, we’d all be in deep shit.

        I’m choosing to ignore the fact that Jin could have easily dodged that (whatever nen-thing that was), and I’m cheering along with the crowd.
        This whole chapter is vintage Leorio. He probably did something really stupid, but I still think he’s awesome.

        As for where Kurapica is, he’s either having his eyes gouged out, or he’s going after the spiders again. Apparently nobody’s thought of simply asking Senritsu.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        I am all the way on board with this. The Zodiacs all seem to be horrible people. Ging probably took it on the chin if he feels slightly guilty or because he likes his gall and it’d screw up Pariston.
        Kurapika is probably using his new mafia powers to check into the Spiders or whatever the mafia does. Or he’s dead. I’m sure he’ll be brought back in a grand way like Leorio.

      • A good chapter, great return for the Leorio . These last few weeks I had not really been caring for all the election stuff, but now that Leorio is involved and Ging came back it is piqued my interest again. I would have thought that Leorio would have been tempered by what he has experienced so far, but it seems he is even more crazy then before. Of course how much of that is a reaction to Gons condition we will have to wait and see.

    • snowylocks Says:

      “EAT THIS AND DIE !” : Best campaign slogan ever. Btw, japanese speakers, did this get slightly toned down in translation ?

      It’s over 95% now, so it’s down to the first 16. Which means Jin is still in there.

  9. damedrfoxybrown Says:

    Wondering what the chances are that I’ll get to edit the episode tomorrow what with Saints Row: The Third unlocking at 7pm, a part time job after my full time job and Skyrim very angry at me for not playing at all today.

  10. jestertill Says:

    damedrfoxybrown :
    Skyrim very angry at me for not playing at all today.

    Angry ? Hit it on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

    Look, last thing you need is a third job with no pay. So relax, go beat up some digital people and do the podcast when you feel like it.

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