Episode 10 – Gliding into a Shoryuken

Because this is a Hisoka episode of course we got super carried away and recorded for almost four hours. Luckily for you I cut the episode into two chunks, one mostly spoiler free for the episode 5 coverage and chapters 55-57 recap and one super long spoiler monstrosity for chapter 322.

Download Episode 10
A Goo (Japanese Portal) poll of hit Shonen Jump manga people stopped reading before the end.

Come on Leorio, you walked right into that one!

Opening Song: Ôkina ringo no Kinoshita De (I know I’ve used this already, but don’t tell me Namikawa’s performance in episode 5 doesn’t remind you of this)
Insert Song: Sakki
Ending Song: Inochi

All songs from the Hunter x Hunter original soundtracks.

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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers.

8 Responses to “Episode 10 – Gliding into a Shoryuken”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Right. So every week they show a 12 year old with blood dripping down his face (“wasurenaide”) , but now they’re too squeamish to slap some brains on a playing card.

    And yeah, new filler = fail.

    Don’t mock Leorio’s way-of-the-stick. I thought he was awesome, even though he gets it right in the kisser again. From glancing at your episode comparison, it seems that key scenes like this are reproduced almost identically. Which is a comforting notion.

    So with Leorio’s face all smashed in and swollen, I was looking forward to that joke they did, which should have been in episode 6. Which I just watched.

    They didn’t do the joke ! 😦 Kay, fine, I’ll do it then :

    Kurapica (tending to Leorio’s wounds) : “Just a few cuts in your arms. You’ll be fine”

    Leorio (pointing at his enormous swollen cheek) : “Dude ! My face ! Look at my face !”

    Kurapica (totally serious) : “Still looks the same to me”

    I missed more than that, and not just the sushi.

    • snowylocks Says:

      The comparison for this episode should be interesting, since most of it ends up on the cutting room floor.

      Just put Kurapica’s new OMG-I’m-Leorio expression next to the old one. The original show does it way better.

      This new director is dissing Leorio. In the old show, he gets to kill his own pig with his briefcase, and he’s actually the first to jump into the ravine. Doesn’t happen now.

      And the sissyfication continues : Fat wrestler guy gives Menchi a little respectful bow near the end. In the old show he was more like “screw you guys, I’m going home”.

      And I really miss that bit where Hisoka gets rejected by Menchi, and he takes his little fish back to the river, where he just sits and pouts for the rest of the episode. I know they wanted to get this ep out of the way and forget about it, but geez, don’t go taking out all the funny.

      (and what’s with turning Netero into Kame Sennin ? He did not check out Menchi’s funbags in the old show, as far as I remember)

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        Fuck I accidentally deleted your comment in my excitement at how awesome that theory of Alluka’s origin is

  2. jestertill Says:

    We can haz part 2 please ?

    Sorry, but still loving the readings. It’s frigging hilarious. Snowy, you have been devil dog dared.

    On the other hand, it’s your show, and you guys have to pick the format you enjoy doing the most.

  3. snowylocks Says:

    jestertill :
    Snowy, you have been devil dog dared.

    Bit of a technical and schedule nightmare actually. So for now, I’ll make it up to them in another way : I’ll help out with the advertising. I have this little list of HxH fans all over the world. I’ll mail them the link. Most of these people are considerably weirder than I am, but hey, downloads are downloads. 🙂

    *puppydog eyes* But it would be nice if you guys could still perform the Hisoka/Gon fight, like a sort of finale…………uh, yeah, I’m shutting up now.

  4. snowylocks Says:

    jestertill :
    This little list of yours…..Is it like a big, pink book full of yaoi fangirls ?

    Lol, up yours, monkey boy ! Yaoi fangirls are people too. Kinda. 🙂

    Btw, you should mail the link to that girl who collects Killua cels.

  5. MajinArekkusu Says:

    I was really looking forward to the new series, but every week seeing how toned down it is, I loose more interest in it.

    Great podcast as always guys. And I love your picture comparisons between the manga and the two anime series on facebook, keep em coming.

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