Celebrating the Upcoming York Shin Arc in our manga recaps.

I was going to add pictures and everything to this, but apparently the Internet has some sort of weird moratorium on awesome pictures of the Genei Ryodan, so this is going to have to do. Yes I am aware that the York Shin arc is a couple volumes away.

3 Responses to “Celebrating the Upcoming York Shin Arc in our manga recaps.”

  1. snowylocks Says:

    I wanna vote for the guy who’s full of holes, but I forgot what he’s called.

    Me on the show ? *blushes* That would be neat. I hope my math sucks, cuz I checked and it looks like I’m in school when you guys record the show.

    Btw, 323 is here ! Go read ! 🙂

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      Boloneov or whatever is the hole guy. The one with the B. LOL we can work something out somehow seeing as you do owe us the penalty for having suggested this nonsense with the manga recaps.

  2. jestertill Says:

    Feitan all the way. 🙂

    323 kicks ass, btw. It has some awesome lines (“smells like oniichan” lol), and then there’s page 12 (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!) and luckily, page 17 (NOT funny, Togahsi !)

    Also, Milluki is creepy, Alluka is cute, and bulletbeast was right about Mike.

    There seems to be a point to the gender confusion, which is good, since it’s started pissing of the translators.

    Anyways, one down, two to go. Let’s all google “shiritori”

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