Episode 9 – Boy or Girl?

This week both the anime episode and the manga recap discussions outline what manner of maniac our dear sweet clown prince is. The chapter 321 discussion and 322 speculations are [spoiler] as always, but also hilarious.

EDIT: Now the audio should be less broken.

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This episode covers episode 4 of the anime “Hope x and x Ambition”, Chapters 51-54 in Volume 6 (Hisoka vs. Kastro) and Chapter 321 “Monster”, followed by our usual ridiculous speculation on chapter 322.

Voice cast added for Menchi & Gittarackur.

And Feedback! We got some more!

Don't lie to us about your age Ossan! We're still impressionable children.

Opening Song: – Atsuizu!! (Leorio’s Theme)
Insert songs:
– Green House
– Nigero

Ending Songs: – Chase the Beat!

All songs on the Hunter x Hunter soundtracks.

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Warning, Comments may contain spoilers.

20 Responses to “Episode 9 – Boy or Girl?”

  1. snowylocks Says:

    In celebration of Diego’s Hisoka voice (which kinda sounds like my aunt after she’s been at the cooking sherry), let’s watch this crappy AMV.

    Seems they got that solar crotch idea from the original anime.

    Hey, if you need a good temporary tag line, how about “It’s not a cooking show !”. People might need that assurance after ep 6 airs.

    • jestertill Says:

      Oh yeah, that’s the perfect song. But you could match every line of that song with all-Hisoka footage, so it’s a bit of a missed opportunity.

      Man, I knew I’d seen that crotch somewhere before.

      • jestertill Says:

        “Man, I knew I’d seen that crotch somewhere before” ??

        Did I really just think, type and post that ?

        I need to go to bed. See y’all later.

  2. jestertill Says:

    Wow, Leorio’s theme got style. (Now please never play that character song where he starts to yodel). Sounds like I’m not the only one who owns that 4cd Best Sound Collection set.
    You guys figure he’s Spanish ? I always imagined he was Italian for some reason. (Probably because of the suit fetish)

    New bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Killua (his “you can smile !” pose in the new opening just makes me cringe every time) still hasn’t won we over yet. I too am having trouble imagining this kid with a murderer’s throbbing heart in his claw-like hand, and giving us that smile. It’s going to look awkward.

    Enjoyed your interpretation of the cannibal clown chapter. Who got slapped, btw ? Cause that sounded real. 🙂

    The discussion about the changing dynamics of Gon and Kill’s friendship in the manga was really interesting. I have a feeling that’s going to come up more as the story continues.

    ps: I keep meaning to tell you guys, but when I first found this site it was purely by accident. You really should advertise this show a bit more. More new people will come.

  3. snowylocks Says:

    So, ep 5, make-or-break for the new Hisoka voice ? I think he nailed the “ii ko da yo” line. On the other hand, that would have sounded freaky no matter who said it.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I disliked everything else he did except for the “boyo” and all of the bits where he calls Gon a “good boy”. I legitimately got chills there. Reminded me immediately of previous Hisoka.

    • jestertill Says:

      This episode was less true to the manga than the original anime was. No problem, but the changes make people look nicer than they’re supposed to be :
      In this new version, Hisoka is provoked into attacking those guys. In the original, he just does it for fun.
      And Killua, in the first anime and the manga, just watches Gon turn around to help Leorio and Kurapica, and he doesn’t even think about doing the same. In this version, he doesn’t notice Gon has left until he reaches the second stage. Not so much the ruthless little bastard anymore.

      They really seem to be aiming for a younger audience this time round.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        Prior to the season starting there were rumors that it would be less violent and that Hisoka especially would be dumbed down. This is what we didn’t want to believe, but so far they are proving to be true. The other thing to remember is that we are only five episodes in and it’s entirely possible that the team might decide to shift their philosophy before they mangle characters beyond the point of no return. Hisoka I remember that he turned on the people in front of him of his own volition, seeking to take on the role of examiner and eliminate those who couldn’t hack it. The other Hunter candidates aren’t dumb for the most part, even if they were assured the numbers of everyone there, after that display with the fake examiner, nobody would be stupid enough to turn on Hisoka.

  4. snowylocks Says:

    This new director’s filler makes no sense. Like tonpa juice made that frog thing throw them up ? Uhm….wasn’t tonpa juice supposed to be a laxative ?

    Yeah, forget I just said that.

    Still, this guy worries me. So is this new director another first timer, or has he done other shows, and did anyone here watch any ?

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      He’s directed Kiba and Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I enjoyed the hell out of Neuro, but Kiba I’ve only heard about, never paid attention to.

      • snowylocks Says:

        Sounds like he’s the Madhouse resident director. After seeing that tv-special about how things work there, I really hope he’s not just a pizza-boy who knocked on the wrong door one day.

        I’m beginning to think it was a mistake to re-watch the original. It’s just so damn good. I’m going to have to concentrate on the new show, or I’ll never stop bitching.

        Just one more….
        Here’s a pic of the strongest woman in the HxH universe : The Celestial Tower elevator attendant.

        See, now that’s how you do comedy filler. 🙂

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        Too bad they couldn’t assign the Hellsing Ultimate or Black Lagoon director(s) to Hunter X Hunter. Those shows are similar more similar in darkness, gore and surprisingly adult themes to Hunter X Hunter than what this guy seems to be going for, ie the much more family friendly shonen.

  5. snowylocks :
    Here’s a pic of the strongest woman in the HxH universe : The Celestial Tower elevator attendant.
    See, now that’s how you do comedy filler.

    Actually, I find that one unfunny . But, whatever. Different people, different strokes I guess.

    • snowylocks Says:

      Not all the filler is comedy. Later on, at Mito’s place, Gon and Kill have their little euthanasia debate, and I really liked that scene as well. It made sense dramatically, and it was totally in character.

      Anyway, you seem fairly positive about the new show. Isn’t there anything about the old show that you still like better ?

      Like I said, I’ll probably stop bitching about it cuz I like the old show too much, but I still like to hear what other people think.

      (And don’t worry about any language problems. I’m Dutch myself, and people here seem to understand me just fine. So far 🙂 )

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        The fact that you’re dutch now makes me want to have you on the podcast, if we can work out something with the schedule.

  6. I was also going to comment on HxH 2011 ep 5 but because English is not my first language (and am bad at explaining things), I discarded that idea. 😛 Saw this comparison/review and I agree on most of it’s points regarding this episode so I hope you’ll also read it especially about Hisoka’s voice (and why it works for me more than the old anime’s version): http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=3833267&postcount=396

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      I should clarify that I have no problem with Hisoka’s voice when speaking to Gon. At that point he’s perfectly chilling. His voice in every other scene does very little for me in terms of clarifying that this man is a psychopath and is to be avoided at all costs.

      I definitely disliked the lack of Killua explaining to Gon the reason why he knew that Hisoka should be avoided and I think the fact that Hisoka wasn’t shown murdering people before Cherry and the others confronted him takes away from Hisoka’s implied menacing nature. They’re basically saying he needs to be stopped and we don’t get to know why.

  7. snowylocks Says:

    damedrfoxybrown :
    Too bad they couldn’t assign the Hellsing Ultimate or Black Lagoon director(s) to Hunter X Hunter. Those shows are similar more similar in darkness, gore and surprisingly adult themes to Hunter X Hunter than what this guy seems to be going for, ie the much more family friendly shonen.

    Black Lagoon seems to be the only Madhouse show that everyone likes. I remember that ep with the white-haired Russian assassin kids. Looked amazing , but watching that was like getting kicked in the stomach. Seriously heavy stuff. Katabuchi would have been an exciting choice. But yeah, the shonen demographic….

    It’s like feedback guy said in the podcast : “Togashi has balls”. Let’s hope this new director doesn’t cut them off.

  8. jestertill Says:

    If there’s any time left tomorrow, would like to hear some wild speculating on which three questions/”pesterings” Alluka might end up asking Killua.

    Personally, I think this kid can be reasoned with. He’s not a toddler anymore after all. And I’m pretty sure it was Illumi who put him up to asking for people’s internal organs.

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