Episode 7 – Not Working

So yeah, episode 7 had JWHoof’s first appearance after trying to be on the show since we first started taking guests. Except then his power went off, so byebye to him. Then my recorder (or Skype) suddenly it didn’t care anymore about who spoke first and was recording things out of order. Thankfully that problem only persisted for the first half of the show and I managed to nip most of it in the bud. So if things sound weird, I apologize profusely, I’m still quite new to this.

Download Episode 7 here

We are joined by @Trickthetm and @JWhoof and we’re going through episode 2 of the anime and the first three chapters of Volume 6 (Chapter 45-47). Thanks to listener/frequent commenter Snowylocks we try something silly that led us to toying with forces we don’t quite understand.

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18 Responses to “Episode 7 – Not Working”

  1. snowylocks Says:

    This was soooo worth it. People don’t usually take my dares, so big balls award to the three of you. Surprised by how much range you guys have. Diego going from Gon to Hisoka was pretty awesome. DrFoxy is way closer to Kanoko Mistuhashi than the new gall, and Bullet guy can really act. Now go make an abridged series ! 🙂

    I don’t own this volume of the manga. Only watched the anime for this arc, so I was wondering : Is all that stuff about Killua being cuckoo for cocoa puffs just filler ? I mean that scene where he basically steals Gon’s credit card to buy more chocolate covered sugar bombs, does that happen in the next chapters, or was that just the anime ?

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      He loves candy/sweets but aside from mentioning that he blew his fortune on it I don’t think it goes any further.

    • jestertill Says:

      Yeah, that’s mostly filler. And it would be my choice for filler they should animate again in the new show.
      That scene where he blows a fuse when his favorite brand is all sold out (cause he bought and ate it all) is pretty damn funny. Surprised the merchandising people didn’t jump all over that one.

      Btw Snowy, you should get your kid brother’s opinion on Hisoka. Scary or meh ?

      • snowylocks Says:

        My li’l bro’s a little kuriboh groupie, so there was a lot of pointing at the screen, going “GAY CLOWN ! GAY CLOWN !”

        He’s still going to keep watching though.

        Confession time : I actually tried all that nen stuff when I first heard Wing explain it (excuse : I was like ten or eleven). It doesn’t fucking work.

  2. jestertill Says:

    When I read “semi clusterfucks”, I imagined all of you drunk on cheap sake, and most of it being bleeped out….so it wasn’t too bad, considering. You should get the new guy back on the show, though. If he wanted to be on it from day one, he’s good people.

    About Kurapica’s “wooden swords” : They’re regular swords, aren’t they ? It’s just that he doesn’t unsheath them until his duel with Hisoka. (Up to that point, I figured they were novelty nunchucks.) That’s what I remember anyway.

    For first time seiyuus, y’all did good. Nice nen sound effects.

  3. snowylocks Says:

    jestertill :
    Surprised the merchandising people didn’t jump all over that one.

    What, like All New Zoldyck rice crispies ? They’ll snap, crackle and pop a cap in yo ass ? Now with added strychnine. If it doesn’t kill ya, it’ll make ya stronger.

    Yeah, I’d buy that.

  4. jestertill Says:

    snowylocks :
    It doesn’t fucking work.

    It does too fucking work. You’re just doing it wrong. 🙂

  5. snowylocks Says:

    re 321 : Oh my…

    Looks like my hunch about Alluka was wrong.

    This ! Is ! Awesome !

    • jestertill Says:

      I know, right ? Man, Kalluto is going to be pissed.

      Btw, you have to give props to damedrfoxybrown for coming close to figuring this one out. I forgot which episode of the podcast it was, but she definitely pointed out how weird it was that no-one but Kalluto seemed to care that Alluka was missing.

      Well, now we know why.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        Yeah Kalluto is risking his life with the spiders for no reason. Poor kid. If they don’t kill him he’s going to be unstable for the rest of his life.

        I’d like to petition Togashi though. Why do 3/5 of the Zoldyck boys look like girls?

    • jestertill Says:

      Look at what Jin put on his seat ! Lol !

      • snowylocks Says:

        Talk to the Panda, bitches ! 🙂
        And you gotta love Pariston’s pimped chair.

        It’s all out boardroom warfare !

  6. A good chapter this week. The election stuff in the chapter was meh at best, it seems that mouse is planning something with the hunter licences but it was to many pages. The Zoldyck stuff was all great tho. It is interesting that Gon just put limits on himself as apposed to actually aging, so that if he is cured he will return to normal, hopefully there is more to it then just nen removal tho.

    • snowylocks Says:

      I still don’t get what Gon actually did. I’m told he used up all his future potential, so even if they manage to heal him, he’ll never be able to use nen again.

      As for Pariston, as far as I can figure out, cancelling the null votes might get him his 95%.

      Also, what the heck happened to Miike ? Did they shave him or something ?

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        I have no idea with Gon. Mike looks like he’s wearing armor.

        As for the zodiac bit, the null votes seem to be protest votes. They don’t want Pariston to win, but they don’t have any confidence in any other hunter to win either. Pariston recognizes them as threats to his Chairmanship and I think he wants to suspend them in order to exact revenge later.

      • If that is all Pariston has planned for the licences I would be surprised, I am sure he has an ulterior motive.
        Based on what Killua said this chapter I think Gon did something similar to how Kurapika made his chain, because the more limitations you put on your nen the stronger it becomes. Gon probably did something like this “give me the power to defeat Neferpitou but in return I will never fight again/will die/become the age where i would have that power”.

  7. snowylocks Says:

    damedrfoxybrown :
    I’d like to petition Togashi though. Why do 3/5 of the Zoldyck boys look like girls?

    I blame Kikyoo. Unless you’re too fat, or you actually stab her in the face, she’s going to put make-up on you and put you in a dress.

  8. holy crap I was laughing so hard :’D You guys actually fit the character voices perfectly!

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