Episode 6.3 – Overflowing Sadness

Last week’s episode went way over time so the manga discussion was cut to release separately. We don’t intend to make a habit of this, but for those of you who like to avoid spoilers you can just skip listening to this episode. My cohosts @DonDiego and @bullet_beast join in on the discussion.

Download Episode 6.3

Happy Times for Uncle Hisoka

Opening Theme – Ohayou (TV Size)
Ending Theme – Te wotsunai de

All songs from the Hunter X Hunter Original Soundtrack

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16 Responses to “Episode 6.3 – Overflowing Sadness”

  1. snowylocks Says:

    Some funky sound-effects in the first few minutes, but still a good show. The whole zodiac thing has been done to death in manga, but I really like most of these new guys, and yeah, Pariston stole the show.

    re 320 : Anyone else surprised that there are only 661 hunters ? Also, Jin may be a dick, but he’s awesome. I’m so glad he’s my zodiac sign. πŸ™‚

    • jestertill Says:

      I was more surprised by how few votes Jin got. So much for him being the Hunter all other Hunters look up to.

      So you’re a boar, huh ? Lucky bastard. I’m a monkey. (which reminds me : You are all scum. πŸ™‚ )

  2. jestertill Says:

    Ah, y’all are pulling the night shift for this podcast. That totally explains it. Well then, I appreciate your efforts even more. You were sounding way more genki this time, and the three of you are really starting to complement each other.
    But yeah, not working your way through an entire volume each show might be a good idea.

    A good format might be talking about the new anime first, and then discussing the new manga chapter. Newbies can stop listening after the first bit, before it get spoilery.

    Btw, thanks for playing Ohayo and reading my mail. Say, could it be you never heard about the HxH play (not the two musicals) ? You know, the one based on the York Shin City arc ? I was kinda hoping one of you might know where I can get my hands on a subbed copy.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      Unfortunately I have no idea where you can pick it up other than maybe a bootleg on eBay somewhere.

      LOL I feel sorry for anybody that wanders into these comments that isn’t caught up. I’ll probably throw up a spoiler warning for the comments from now on so you guys can continue unabated.

      I’m an Ox it seems so that probably explains my fascination with Cow dude. That and he looks AWESOME.

      Maybe hunters look up to Ging but they know he has a terrible personality and is unsuited for leadership.

      • snowylocks Says:

        “Cow Dude” is a way cooler name than Mizaistom. Milkshake no jutsu !

        Re Spoilers : There was a warning in your intro already, so no worries. We’ll keep it spoiler-free or more cryptic next time.

  3. I noticed the sound effects as well Snowy. I thought I was tripping balls for a second, and it was quite scary. XD Thanks for the kind words, and the suggestion Jester!

    As far as the Zodiac goes, I am a Snake! HISSSSSSSSSSSS!

  4. snowylocks Says:

    Just watched episode 3….
    Okay, Killua’s new voice is going to take some getting used to, but Hisoka’s ?? I’m not feeling the creepy. Not feeling it at all.

    • jestertill Says:

      Give it a chance. Killua’s new seiyuu is obviously going with the new “cuter” character design. Hisoka may no longer sound like a drunk, sarcastic tranny, but listen to him again : It’s just a different kind of creepy. It’ll grow on ya.
      Have to say, I kinda liked that mariachi music as his new theme.

      Favorite new bit : Mr Beans showing up to hand out the badges, and not a single person freaking out at the sight of him. It’s a talking, green jellybean, folks. In a bow tie. Surely that should raise an eyebrow.

      Oh, I finally recognized those two shadows at the far right and left in the intro. I’m taking that as a promise that the anime will get that far.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        Feel free to continue with whatever spoilers i like that there’s so much discussion an I don’t want to get in the way.

        As for the last two main characters, Killua I’m sure I’ll get used to as long as she shows some range but right now I’m down on the performance. Hisoka is…well he’s not Hisoka. Ideally if we couldn’t have anyone else back from series one I wanted him. He doesn’t seem particularly menacing, just sort of disaffected I guess. It didn’t help with his “magic trick” instead of brutality. Combine this with the rumors prior to airing and right now new Hisoka ranks a “not sure if want”.

    • jestertill Says:

      You know, if Hiroki Takahashi’s voice created the Hisoka we all know and love, then we might be in a spot of trouble. An integral part of the anime could be fucked up before we even really get going. But that’s too depressing to even think about, so let’s try this :

      I re-watched the corresponding episode of the original anime (epsiode 6), and it’s my…uhm…expert opinion that Hiroki didn’t get the voice right the first time either. It’s going to take at least a couple of episodes before..

      Ah, fuck it…:( You guys are right. The new guy got it totally wrong. Let’s call some Japanese people and get a campaign started. Hiroki’s doing Bleach now, right ? Tell him to get his gay clown butt back where it belongs.

    • snwoylocks Says:

      Whoa, back up a sec…There were rumors ? I didn’t catch those. Don’t tell me it was a conscious decision to make him sound more macho. Cuz that would be *facepalm*.

      I rewatched the old ep as well. Hisoka fazed half that guy’s body through a wall. Now that was scary.
      Hmm, I’m only now noticing that Gon, mister goody-two-shoes, apparently doesn’t much care about Hisoka’s victims here. Same thing in the new ep. That dude with no arms ? He can push the elevator button with his nose. I got stuff to do.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        Yeah both Diego and Leon linked me to said depressing rumors but now it’s starting to look like they’re rooted in fact. It’s why you hear us being worried about the portrayal of Hisoka. I fully intend to give Namikawa-san a break of a few episodes to get into the swing of things.

        What pains me about it is the subset of people resolutely determined that this new series is all they’re going to see of Hunter x Hunter. And if they’re going to continue to downplay Hisoka’s general villainy well then they’re never going to learn why I love the man so much. Re: Gon not caring about the victims, I think it’s because they signed up for the hunter exam and everyone knows you can get killed.

        PS. Every time I see an email alert for a new comment I get a smile on my face. You guys are great.

  5. jestertill Says:

    damedrfoxybrown :
    What pains me about it is the subset of people resolutely determined that this new series is all they’re going to see of Hunter x Hunter.

    I know these people of whom you speak. They are scum. All over the anime forums : “A remake, you say ? This time I’ll watch it then” Assholes.

    The new guy might get more convincing after his first Gon-gasm, we’ll see. I just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Like Illumi being voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kansai dialect.

    You guys talking about 320 tomorrow ? How many of those null votes are people voting for Hanzo’s eyebrows ? πŸ™‚

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      All of the null votes are for his eyebrows. No man (or woman) can resist!

    • snowylocks Says:

      New show soon ? Can I still ask a question ?
      For all three hosts : Is there some of the filler from the original, that you’d still like to see animated in the new anime ?

      I guess I’m talking about one filler episode (might have been two) in particular : The bonus stage for the Hunter exam, where they are all stuck on an island and there’s a tsunami coming.

      Also, if/when Gon finally meets Jin, what do you think he should do ?
      a) Have him sued for child support
      b) Jajanken him in the nuts.
      c) Drag him back home to Mito and nail his feet to the floor.

      And did you guys vote yet ? I forgot. Me, I’m voting for Morau’s giant bong.

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