Episode 6 – So, Discussion?

Episode 1 of the new anime starts with a bang(?), and the Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast crew is comfortably nestled in our homes to cover it. As usual your hosts are: @DameDrFoxyBrown, @DonDiego & @bullet_beast. We are joined once again by @JT of The Great Shonen Podcast and new guest Zidane.

Download Episode 6
We cover volume 5 of the manga and since we went way over the 3 hour mark in our recording session we’re breaking the episode up into two parts. For those of you who aren’t caught up with the manga, consider yourselves lucky as the discussion of chapter 318 & 319 will be released in a later firmware update.

The Rating for episode 1 of the new Hunter x Hunter series was 4.4 (and no that’s not out of 5 or 10.)

Yes this is everybody's favorite picture of Uncle Hisoka in the Ending, why do you ask?

Opening Song – Ambien-tech
Insert Song – Carry On (TV Size) – OVA Ending
Closing Song – Odaya Kana Jikan no naka de

All songs from the Hunter x Hunter original soundtracks.

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21 Responses to “Episode 6 – So, Discussion?”

  1. MajinArekkusu Says:

    Cant wait to listen to the new episode and hear your thoughts on the new anime. I thought that the first episode was very good, fast paced, no filler, thats awesome. I’m pretty sure the flashback with Kaito will be shown later, and I think that they probably wanna differentiate this series from the old one and that’s why some things are changed, like the kaito thing or for example that the quiz lady was sitting behind a table in the next episode preview. But I dont mind that^^ And the animation was beautiful, not the best that there is but in my opinion better than other long running shounens out there.

    And the new design for your blog is much better than the first one 🙂 I wanted to comment that maybe you should change it because the previous theme was not so good looking, and today i come to your site and what do I see^^

  2. jestertill Says:

    Reason I dislike the new opening is simply cuz I loved the original “Ohayoo” opening so much. For a shounen fighting show, it was a very atypical way of introducing your characters, but for a show like HxH, it was perfect : Leorio fixing his tie, Kurapica with his swords, and the only expression on Killua’s face a faintly reflected smile from Gon. I loved that opening, and the song, so I hate the new one.

    But yeah, the closing song is awesome and kinda makes up for it.

    (but there are too spoilers in the opening. They show Hisoka and Illumi together)

  3. snowylocks Says:

    Liked the first ep quite a lot. Still, it won’t replace the original show for me. I really liked the direction there, and the slow pace really worked for me. Added to the atmosphere, I think, and because it moved a little slower, when stuff did start happening, the impact was that much more powerful. (Like when Hisoka hit Gon. Man, I felt that punch )

    And yeah, I also miss the bar. I guess a boozing Mito was a no-no. I’m going to miss that scene where they make Killua do a shift in the bar, and nobody shows up. The bored look on his face was epic.

    Totally agree with damedrfoxybrown on the new voice-actors, but what I really don’t get is how people were ever confused about Kurapica’s gender. Maybe it’s cause I was used to Togashi’s artstyle, but I never took him for a girl. I’m puzzled by people who look at his flat chest and narrow hips and figure he’s a chick. And it’s not as if any of the characters share this confusion. I mean, you really think Leorio would have asked him to “take it outside”, if he thought Kurapica was a girl ?

    Btw, if you want a fresh perspective, my younger brother never watched or read any HxH, and he’s watched the first two eps. He seems pretty hooked, and not confused about anything. Should be interesting to see how he reacts to uncle Hisoka. (He’ll probably call him a Joker rip-off)

    Anyway, you covered what’s probably the coolest moment in the entire exam arc : Gon grabbing Illumi, who had just been established as the creepiest, and probably most powerful character up to that point, and breaking his wrist. I remember cheering him on when that happened : “Yeah ! Kill the fucker ! Break his other arm !”. I was 10 at the time, and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

    It still is.

    ps: you’re gonna do the voices next time ? Awesome ! 🙂

    • I agree–I love the old anime’s pace and I even liked the fillers in it. There seemed to be a lot more heart. But now that I’m watching the Chimera ant arc in the new anime, it seems like they slowed the pace down and are not rushing.

      I also liked the art style better in the old series. It felt more natural, and Kurapika definitely looked more girly and cute before.

  4. snowylocks Says:

    Things I learned from chapter 315 :

    -Apparently, the Hunter organization is a democracy.

    -Some people really really REALLY liked Netero.

    -It’s official : Jin really is a dick.

  5. snowylocks Says:

    lol, chapter 319, I mean

  6. Jestertill Says:

    snowylocks :
    -Some people really really REALLY liked Netero.

    I find the whole concept of people changing their physical appearance to match Netero’s code-names to be extremely hilarious.
    Just imagine being Netero. You’ve been calling this one guy a “sheep”, just for laughs, and the next time you see him, he actually looks like a sheep.
    Oh, the temptation to start calling people “smurf” and telling them it’s their new code-name.

    I guess we finally figured out why Mister Beans looks the way he does.

  7. snowylocks Says:

    I’m calling Alluka Zoldyck on that Pariston guy.

  8. I know you guys alluded to this in the episode, but is it safe to assume that Illumi put the needle in Killua’s head when he ruffled his hair and that is why his Dad is so confident that he will return?

  9. jestertill Says:

    Ricey :
    I know you guys alluded to this in the episode, but is it safe to assume that Illumi put the needle in Killua’s head when he ruffled his hair and that is why his Dad is so confident that he will return?

    Well, if that’s what it was for, they know he pulled it out by now (Zeno must have noticed that when he saw Killua in the King’s Palace) , and they seem fine with it.
    I always thought the needle was for making sure he never fought anyone stronger than himself.

  10. Spoilers for the latest chapter:
    Man it seems like hxh is really ramping it up, first we get Gin and now we are going to find out more about the zoldycks, should be a good few weeks.

  11. snowylocks Says:

    damedrfoxybrown :
    I would if he’s found some sort of time machine. He’s Killua’s younger brother.

    Er….It’s a Nen thing ? Meh, you’re probably right, Still, they just brought him up again in 320, Sounds like Illumi wants to give him a special hug.

  12. snowylocks Says:

    Ricey :
    Spoilers for the latest chapter:
    Man it seems like hxh is really ramping it up, first we get Gin and now we are going to find out more about the zoldycks, should be a good few weeks.

    Things sure are moving fast, and lots of stuff is happening. I really hope this isn’t the last arc before it ends. I’d rather he goes into another hiatus than that the series has to end.

    • As it stands now this cant last arc, there are way to many threads left to wrap up first.

      • snowylocks Says:

        I just thought that with Jin actually participating in this arc now, it would be hard to avoid him meeting Gon. And once that happens, it’s kinda over…
        Hope you’re right though. I want at least ten more volumes.

      • Gon will probably be out of it till the election is over and besides why does Gon meeting Jin have to be the end?

      • snowylocks Says:

        Well, he’s the main character, and beyond finding his dad or helping out his friends, what motivation does he have ? I’m not sure, but I don’t think he ever expressed interest in becoming any particular type of hunter, like Kurapica. So after meeting Jin, he’ll probably just go fishing.

        Of course, technically, the series could go on forever. It may depend on how well the new anime does.

        *goes and watches ep 3*

  13. jestertill Says:

    Talking about the Zoldyck boys….Check this out :


    This is probably why Alluka ran away. He was fine with the killing, the cyborg mom, the brain acupuncture… The sailor suits on the other hand….
    (Seriously, wtf are they even doing ??)

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