Hunter X Hunter The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck

If there’s one thing that could be said about me, it’s that I can’t help myself. So after adding that Hisoka song as the end song for episode 2 of the podcast, here’s the second musical (2002) with bonus English subs.

And Hisoka fighting Silva and Zeno for some reason, if you’re too lazy to watch the whole show.

One Response to “Hunter X Hunter The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck”

  1. Jester Till Says:

    You have to watch the whole thing, or else you miss awesome stuff like the coin dance, the bungee gum dance (YES !!), and a whole bunch of great jokes that even someone with limited knowledge of japanese can follow. (Silva, after meeting Hisoka : “Otoko ka ? ” LOL ! )

    Okay, so it’s a kid’s musical, but it ‘s a damn good one, and it treats the source material with respect.

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