Ookina Ringo no ki no shita de (Under the Big Apple Tree) – Hisoka

In case you were wondering about the creepy song I chose and the ending theme, well hearing it randomly on my iPod made me feel a bit weird so I decided I had to share it to see if it was just me. According to my cohost, NOPE. This song is definitely traumatizing. I scoured the Internet and found some translated lyrics along with a performance of it from the musical linked below.

If you’re lazy, here you go.

ookina RINGO no ki no shita de
BOKU wa KIMI o mitsuketayo
Under the big apple tree
That’s where I found you

issho ni asonde agetai kedone
KIMI wa mada hon chiisana RINGOchan
I’d like us to play together, but
You’re still really a cute little teeny apple

ohisama o abite
rippa na RINGO ni narundayo
iiKOda iiKOda iiKOdane~
makka ni nattara moide ageru yo
chotto mattetene
Bask in the sun
And become a fine apple
Good boy, good boy, you’re a good boy~
Become redder, grow bigger
I’ll wait a little bit

nakayoshi tomodachi dekitakana?
kukuku… homete ageyoune
I wonder if we’ll be very, very close friends?
Hehehe… Become someone admirable

donna gohoubi hoshii to iuno?
kukuku… TORAMPU asobi wa mada hayai
What kind of reward do you want?
Hehehe… It’s too early to play the trump card

motto yoku kao miseteyo
nn~~nante ii kao nano
iiKOda iiKOda iiKOdanee~
BOKU no te no naka ni ochiteoide ne
zutto matteruyo
Let me see an even better face
Ah~ What a delicious smell
Good boy, good boy, you’re a good boooy~
Come and drop down into my hand
I’ll wait forever

credits to Carla Rukawa and SaturnOolaa for the transliteration and translation respectively, and was originally found on Anime Lyrics dot com

Things like this are why I worry about the new voice cast for the upcoming anime and instantly hate everyone who won’t give the original anime a try.

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