Episode 2 – The King and I

For episode 2 we decided to welcome both old and new fans of the series in something of a unique way. For the new fans, we take a trip down memory lane and enjoy with you the first volume of the manga, dissecting it now that we know how a lot of things turn out. For the older fans, we take the spoiler heavy route of discussing the antagonist of the current arc.

Download Episode 2

Tentative episode count from Nippon Television’s English Programming Licensing Catalog.

The first volume of the manga is chock-full of information that slowly begins to reveal the world of Hunter X Hunter to us, through the eyes of a young boy that is as unaware as we are of the existence of hunters and their important role in keeping the world turning. They search for treasures, discover lost civilizations, breed rare animals and chase after dangerous criminals, among a host of other things. Gon Freecs seeks to become a hunter like his father, whom he has never met, and to do this he has to first past the Hunter exam, a treacherous test that 1 rookie every three years passes.

Volume 1 covers the introduction of all five main characters: Gon, Leorio, Kurapica, Killua and Hisoka, all holding their own secrets.

Hisoka's secret? That's totally magic.

After the break, where we say goodbye to those who don’t want to be spoiled, we tackle the major antagonist in the Chimera Ants arc, their King, Meryem. Depicted as brutal, selfish, and arrogant initially, the change this character undergoes is quite interesting.

Opening Song: Ubogin vs. Kurapica
Insert Song: Scar/Kizu
Ending Song: Okina ringo no Konoshita De (sung by Hisoka)

All songs from the soundtrack of the original Hunter X Hunter series.

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