Episode 1 – Leaving Home


Welcome to the great social experiment that will probably go horribly, horribly wrong, but our love for Hunter X Hunter commands that we press on despite that and we’ve united to create a podcast for the under-appreciated manga and anime.

Download Episode 1

This episode is primarily an introduction to the series and we go over some high points as well as what we believe you need to know.

  • After a over a year on Hiatus, Hiatus X…err…Hunter X Hunter returned to Weekly Shonen Jump in the month of August
  • The new series will begin airing on October 2nd on Nihon TV at 10:55am, the production is by Studio Madhouse and the Director is Koujina Hiroshi

    New Cast, staff and Character Designs

  • Important points of the manga we discuss:
    • What is a Hunter?
    • Hunter Licenses and what they permit you to do
    • Gon and his motivations, along with those of his friends
    • The villains and the world of Hunter x Hunter
    • Why you shouldn’t ignore the old series if you haven’t seen it yet just because there will be this updated version.
    • Reasons why people may be put off the series.
    • The Chimera Ants Arc

Opening Theme – Kaze no Uta ~ Hope and Tears of Ireland ~

Insert Song – Shôri He

Ending Theme – Tenkuu Tougijou

All songs from the Hunter X Hunter anime series.

You can email us at hxhpodcast@gmail.com

4 Responses to “Episode 1 – Leaving Home”

  1. Great episode guys. Yall brought back alot of memories from wen I watched the show. Got me even considering rewatching the show or picking up the manga.

    You guys keep up with this “great social experiment.” It might not go horribly, horribly wrong.


  2. Hi, I just found your site and podcast today, (Why have I never heard of you before!? This seems awesome! ) So I wanted to start listening to the podcast episodes from the beginning. But the link to download or listen to episode 1 doesn’t seem to work anymore… Do you perhaps have all episodes hosted somewhere else, or could you fix it please? I’d love to hear what you have to say about my top favourite series! =D

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