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Episode 38 – What’s in a Name?

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We somehow got distracted by our own Internet handles, and that led into a fun discussion right after the episode started, so of course it’s kept in the final cut.

Download Episode 38
This episode covers episode 36, the conclusion of the fight between Gon & Hisoka and Volume 12, chapters 113-115 as Kurapika’s vengeance is beginning to magnificently take shape.

The Least Spoilerific picture I could find from this chapter.

Watch Episode 36 – A Big Debt x and x a Small Kick

Opening Song – Kijutsu Shi no Baire (I am tempted to have this song stick around as the theme)
Insert Song – Koshi Tanatan…
Ending Song – Kujiratou Yori

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BTW, Diego cameos in the most recent Shooting the Shit Episode of The AniManga Podcast to discuss their trip to Anime Expo. Download it if you like.