Episode 96 – Golazo

This episode unfortunately is the episode of apologies.  We apologize for missing last week due to the World Cup Final.  We apologize for the drums you’ll hear in the background of the early part of this episode and also for the occasional clacking of the world’s ricketiest fan.  Unfortunately that fan is needed to sustain life in the sweltering heat of the tropics in mid-summer form.

Download Episode 96 – Golazo

Coolens is selling Hunter x Hunter inspired eyeglasses.

Editor of Hunter x Hunter promises that reveals in the upcoming manga will SHOCK US.

We’re covering episodes 137 – Debate x Among x Zodiacs and 138 – Request x and x Wish on this episode along with chapters 346 and 347 of the manga.  The plot is beginning to increase in heft.

I tried to capture him at peak sparkle.

I tried to capture him at peak sparkle.

Opening Song: Hiiro no Hitomi no Aika (HxH 2011 Soundtrack)
Insert Song: Hate…(HxH 2011 Soundtrack)
Ending Song: Escaping From the Wood (Phantom Rouge Soundtrack)
All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers. You can email us at hxhpodcast@gmail.com, tweet the group @hxhpodcast and of course Like us on Facebook. Voicemail number within the US 954-324-7722

2 Responses to “Episode 96 – Golazo”

  1. Tchzaelous Says:

    The reveal better damn-well be the return of Hisoka. Hisoka vs Pariston, SHINE OFF GO.

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