Episode 95 – Intensive Renovations

Last week’s episode released this week, you know how we do. This episode covers Episode 136 – Homecoming X and X True Name, and was no manga chapter released this week.

Right Click to Download Episode 95 – Intensive Renovations

I guess she's happy then.

I guess she’s happy then.

Diego was absent again this week so we couldn’t bury him under the onslaught of new nicknames, but you’re free to point more nicknames to our twitter feed, email address and Facebook page.  Hope your team won the World Cup.
Opening Song – Mosa Domo no Heigei
Ending Song – Nagareboshi Kirari

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

You can email us at hxhpodcast@gmail.com, tweet the group @hxhpodcast and of course Like us on Facebook.

Voicemail number within the US 954-324-7722

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