Episode 69 – Put a bow on that Bitch

Well we are finally here folks, the end of the Greed Island Arc. Which can only mean one thing: CHIMERA ANT ARC TIME!! We know you are all ready for it. We cover the news, do a recap for both Episode 74: Victor X and X Loser and Episode 75: Gin’s Friends X and X True Friends
Next week we will be doing a Greed Island retrospect, so PLEASE send in your thoughts about the arc and how Madhouse handled it compared to the OVA’s or the manga; anything works.

News Links:

Chimera Ant Cast News

Queen Color Scheme

I would also like to take this time to remind everyone that all of the Hunter X Hunter manga volumes are available in print in the US on Amazon and RightStuf due to VIZ reprinting the OOP volumes, Volumes Also Available Digitally (PLEASE SUPPORT THE SERIES!!)

Download Episode 69 – Put a bow on that Bitch

Episode 69 - Put a bow on that Bitch

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!!

Opening Song – Boys, Be Courageous! (Hunter X Hunter OST)
Break Song – Fanfare! (Hunter X Hunter OST)
Ending Song – Reason (ゆず)

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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The Climax is Hisoka’s Penis

2 Responses to “Episode 69 – Put a bow on that Bitch”

  1. Tchzaelous Says:

    Well… The hiatus is on the longest stretch it’s been on I can remember, and all the chatter on the danger of the anime running out of steam due to Togashi’s laziness has me worried he’ll never get his ass in gear before they outright cancel the anime.

    Only so long one can hope we’ll see SJ announce the return…

    As for a question… Hmmmm….. Which of the “new” characters are you most pumped to see animated? With the increase in quality shown by Janken, I cannot wait to see Morau’s ability!

  2. I can’t believe you guys actually had a debate on the size of Buhara’s penis and then coming up with a formula for penis sizing.

    And I just want to say that the Next arc’s Climax is not Hisoka’s penis but the Chimera Ant King’s Penis.

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