Episode 68 – Late to the Party

Sorry for the late post, getting adjusted to new schedules. From now on we will be recording on Saturday or Sunday so expect the episodes to be out on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully you didn’t miss us too much. We cover the news, and do an anime recap for Episode 73: Insanity X and X Sanity

Hunter X Hunter Volumes Available Digitally (PLEASE SUPPORT THE SERIES!!)

Download Episode 68 – Late to the Party

Episode 68 - Late to the Party

That’s a man baby

Opening Song – Ansatsu Ikka no Yakata (Hunter X Hunter OST 2)
Ending Song – Reason (ゆず)

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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Voicemail number within the US 954-324-7722

New forum wherein you can discuss the terrible quality of our show maybe! SSAANetwork

The Climax is Hisoka’s Penis

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