Episode 36 – Gon: Tiling Hunter

To make up for the lack of episode 35 airing this week, you get us, releasing according to our usual schedule. Aren’t you thrilled? No, you’d rather have the episode? Me too. The Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast crew: Foxy, Will & Bullet Beast are all here in full effect, ready and excited to discuss episode 34 and read chapters 107-109 for you despite the very exciting trouncing the Miami Heat were getting in the background of my audio. Sorry.

Download Episode 36
Watch Episode 34 Power X to X Avenge

Tile King

Opening Song: Shizukana taiketu
Insert Song: Dokidoki ni taku Quiz!!
Ending Song: Mikuni Shimokawa – Popcorn

All songs are property of their respective owners.
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One Response to “Episode 36 – Gon: Tiling Hunter”

  1. I just realized that…

    –Spoiler Below (For those who care)–

    The conversation Kurapika had with Gon, is what lead Gon to go Super Omega Death Mode later in the manga.

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