Episode 35 – The Baby-sitters Club

You know that feeling when you could’ve been doing something really cool but you got stuck babysitting because you thought it was the right thing to do? [Spoiler] knows that feeling. Episode 35 is a week late because it was going to be a few days late and then someone on twitter said “You mean, a week late, right?” and then somehow we teleported to here. Episode 36 should release on time barring any other problems.

Download Episode 35 – The Baby-sitters Club

Watch Episode 33 – An X Empty X Threat. Linked on Dailymotion because Crunchyroll won’t even let me find the link due to being outside the US.

This is probably a poor choice for the title of this picture.

Opening Song – Naked Eyes
Insert Song – Itsuka mita shiawase nitsutsumarete …
Ending Song – Carry On

All songs are property of their respective owners.
You can email us at hxhpodcast@gmail.com, tweet the group @hxhpodcast and of course Like us on Facebook.
Voicemail number within the US (It’s not toll free sadly) 954-324-7722

2 Responses to “Episode 35 – The Baby-sitters Club”

  1. Your the only site I have found so far that has informed me the episode is delayed a week, thank you!
    Two question though. 1, what is the official site for hunter x hunter right now. 2. What is the twitter for hunter x hunter, so that I can look at that too for future updates.

  2. our twitter is @hxhpodcast and the site that has the episodes is http://www.crunchyroll.com/hunter-x-hunter

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