Episode 18 – 100 Nakamas on Moon

Apologies for the somewhat late episode, I completely forgot I was supposed to be editing this until yesterday. Oops.

Download Episode 18

Episode 14 – Hit X The X Target

See Title of Image.

If you need assistance with what we found so hilarious about seven minutes in, here’s 9 minutes of completely golden audio, because I’m 90% sure Diego had no idea what we were laughing at.

If you’ve never listened to any of the other shows I’ve been on, Doctor/Michael is from The Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, the Just a Gintama Podcast (both of which I cohost) and the one he claims here, One Podcast Prevails – A Detective Conan Podcast

Randy Johnson vs. Bird

Sadly, our confidence in the York Shin arc airing in its entirety is very diminished as we’ve gone back over volume 9. Censoring this doesn’t seem like it would work as well.

Opening Song: Joou no Theme (Gensou) – The Queen’s Classroom OST
Insert Song: Spider vs. Mafia – Hunter X Hunter Original Soundtrack Volume 3
Ending Song: Apricot Adventure – Perfect Report OST (All of the songs on this soundtrack are named after colours for some weird reason).

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