Episode 17 – Mary Poppins-ing away.

After a brief holiday hiatus, the Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast returns with episode 17 where due to laziness and terrible real life circumstances we do both a double anime episode review and a double manga chapter recap.

Download Episode 17

If you're into this, here it is.

Episode 12 – Last X Test X of X Resolve
Episode 13 – Letter X From X Gon
Manga Chapters discussed were 329 – Spy and 330 – Confession

Opening Song: Departure!
Insert Song: Kinchou
Ending Song: Kukuru Mountain

All songs from the Hunter x Hunter Original Soundtracks

You can email us at hxhpodcast@gmail.com, tweet the group @hxhpodcast and of course Like us on Facebook.

Warning, Comments may contain spoilers

2 Responses to “Episode 17 – Mary Poppins-ing away.”

  1. jestertill Says:

    Goddamn clips show…..still can’t believe it.

    At least I can count on you guys. Happy New Year and thanks.

  2. Pariston, if animated, will have his suits made by the Gankutsuo people.

    Also, would you like to trade the glorious white spear for the holy gold flag ? Sounds like a good deal to me.

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