Episode 4 – The Trap

This episode sees us taking on an additional 3rd guest, but dropping a previous one. We’re joined by JT of The Great Shonen Podcast, our friend @trickthetm and our only recurring guest @bullet_beast.

Download Episode 4
Volume 3 covers the end of the third stage of the exam and the beginning of the fourth. Our intrepid heroes journey through the trick tower and then head to Zevil Island to sort out who will make it to the finals.

Killua's murder face. Yeah, it scares me too.

Opening Song: Daidan’en no Tataki
Insert Song: Hunter Shiken Goukaku
Ending Song: Mode A

All songs from the Hunter X Hunter Soundtrack.

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One Response to “Episode 4 – The Trap”

  1. MajinArekkusu Says:

    Great episode as always^^ Just a couple more days till the premiere of the new anime, I can’t wait.

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