Episode 3 – Friends Watch Your Back

Episode 3 features guests @princeleon of Kita ze Inbou! and @bullet_beast

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Our discussion turns this week to volume 2 (Chapters 9-17), which starts as Hisoka is culling the numbers of the Hunter Exam candidates and ends in the midst of the third portion of the Hunter Exam.


After the break we move on to discuss Chapter 315. Spoilers, of course if you’re not caught up.

Opening Song:
Insert Song:
Nobunaga no Tema
Ending Song:
Konpaku no Elegie: Kurapika no Tema

All songs from the Hunter X Hunter Soundtrack.

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3 Responses to “Episode 3 – Friends Watch Your Back”

  1. Glad you got this podcast up and running, I will look forward to future episodes.

    The spiders or at least danchou and hisoka already got a nen remover back in the GI arc, but hey you can probably never have enough of that rare ability.
    I think you guys have been a little unfair to the hunters/humans these last few episodes. They made their choice based on the fact the ants had already wiped out one country and were about to butcher 5 million humans. It does not matter that the king and some of the other ants were becoming sympathetic characters near the end as the plans had already been made.

    • damedrfoxybrown Says:

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking re:Nen remover but I wasn’t sure if it was anime filler or canon. As for the humans I think we were continuing off the mankind is the biggest monster theme, also some of the ants were actually quite nice.
      Also they nuked the fuck out of a country just to kill one guy. That’s gotta count for something

  2. MajinArekkusu Says:

    Another great episode, really enjoyed it. It’s awesome that you recap the series from the beginning with one volume per episode, because i just started reading hxh 2 weeks ago and finished volume 4 recently. that’s why it is great that the majority of the episode doesn’t contain spoilers for new readers. I also started to watch the anime, and while it is enjoyable I hope that the new series from madhouse won’t contain any filler and be more true to the manga. Considering that it is going to airing in the morning, it could still contain more violence than the original series.

    And sorry that I posted this comment two times. The first time i posted it under the wrong article^^

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