Episode 103 – One Step Before The End

A couple bits of news, one bittersweet, and one kind of business as usual sad.  The MADHOUSE staff that worked on Hunter x Hunter celebrated its end by posting artwork of the series and left messages.  Togashi’s condition seems to have worsened and even those stalworth beacons of optimism and friendship over at Shonen Jump feel like they have no idea when the Hunter x Hunter manga will return.  Covered herein are Episode 146 – Chairman x And x Release and Episode 147 – Salvation X And X Future.

[audio http://ia902308.us.archive.org/1/items/Episode103OneStepBeforeTheEnd/Episode%20103%20-%20One%20Step%20Before%20the%20End.mp3]

Right Click to Download Episode 103 – One Step Before The End

Pretending we're not sad on the inside.

Pretending we’re not sad on the inside.

Sorry about my rickety fan noises.

Opening Song – Hunter x Hunter Theme ~Densetsu (Hunter x Hunter 1999 OST)

Ending Song – Seigi no Ikari (Hunter x Hunter 1999 OST)

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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