Episode 101 – Three Years!

Episode 101 is our first episode beyond 100, and the recording date marks our third anniversary of this podcast.  This couldn’t be done without those of you who listen, engage us on twitter, Facebook and the website, so thank you very much for your continued patronage.  Unfortunately the co-founder Diego couldn’t make it due to an earthquake striking his particular area of California.  Ed and I cover episode 143.

[audio http://ia601401.us.archive.org/3/items/Episode101ThreeYears/Episode%20101%20-%20%20Three%20Years%21.mp3]

Right Click to Download Episode 101 – Three Years!

So this put the fear into anyone else?

So this put the fear into anyone else?

Opening Song – Meimou (Hunter x Hunter 2011)

Ending Song – Kijutsu Shi no Baire (Hunter x Hunter 2011)

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

You can email us at hxhpodcast@gmail.com, tweet the group @hxhpodcast and of course Like us on Facebook.

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