Episode 84 – Shizuku Tangled up in Destiny

Episode 84 features Diego once more, filling in for our absentee host Ed the Crimson. We’re covering Hunter x Hunter 97 – Carnage x and x Devastation.

Download Episode 84 – Shizuku Tangled up in Destiny

If you’re wondering, this episode was recorded a few weeks after my birthday and our podcast’s second anniversary.  So if you’re keeping track we’ve got 5-6 months worth of episodes to go.  We were so hopeful back then that the podcast would last forever.

We'll never reach 100.

Kalluto is in way over his head.

Opening Song: The Battle Olympia (Last Mission OST)
Ending Song: Escaping from the Wood (Phantom Rouge OST)
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6 Responses to “Episode 84 – Shizuku Tangled up in Destiny”

  1. snowylocks Says:

    I”m going to marathon the whole palace invasion part of the ant arc after next week’s episode. Maybe you guys could do that too for your hundredth episode and to catch up before the election arc starts ? Just an idea.

  2. snowylocks Says:

    You guys,….look at this !
    Seriously, look at that !
    LOL !

  3. You could stab a motherfucker with that thing.

  4. Tchzaelous Says:

    Holy shit that figure. Awesome.

  5. Tchzaelous Says:

    And Foxy. You’re my favorite. *creepy wink*

  6. Killua’s fight with all the ant underlings was censored in the Japanese version of the manga as well, so it wasn’t censorship by Viz

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