Episode 78 – Too tired to talk

It was early in the morning and we were tired. So enjoy the episode. Also write us. We do an anime recap of Episode 89: Compassion X And X Strength.

Here is the reminder to everyone that all of the Hunter X Hunter manga volumes are available in print in the US on Amazon and RightStuf due to VIZ reprinting the OOP volumes, Volumes Also Available Digitally (PLEASE SUPPORT THE SERIES!!)

Download Episode 78 – Too tired to talk

Episode 78 - Too tired to talk

Pow! Right in the kisser!

Opening Song – The Mad Bailaor (Hunter X Hunter Movie OST 2)
Ending Song – Nagareboshi Kirari (ゆず)

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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The Climax is Hisoka’s Penis

5 Responses to “Episode 78 – Too tired to talk”

  1. Are you all going to make a podcast about the Hunter x Hunter movie since it will be out on DVD on July 24th? (Someone should have a decent sub out as soon.)

  2. hunterxhunterpodcast Says:

    Yes, actually they will be showing the movie during the SF Japanese festival and I will be attending. That will be on August 3rd.

  3. jestertill Says:

    I love these shows where you guys make brilliant jokes, but are too tired to even get the giggles.
    I mean, Nov dumping his junk in meteor city ? That’s friggin’ hilarious.
    While I really like this part of the arc (Knuckle is like a yankee version of Gon, lol) , I’m getting a little annoyed at people giving Killua shit about his fight-or-flee reflex. People seem to forget that all three of them would have ended up as meat-puppets if he hadn’t taken of like he did. You could argue that his brother’s needlework saved them all.
    Nobody noticed that explanatory baseball game with the original cast ? Nice to see Leorio and Kurapica again.
    As for the ratings…nope, too depressing. Guess I could turn it into a question for you guys : What can be done to make it a top 5 regular ? More movies ? A live action movie ? Another musical ? More manga..oh wait, that’s not gonna happen. 😦

    Not waiting for subs. Downloading the raw movie as we speak…

    ps: enjoyed Diego’s con report.

    • snowylocks Says:

      pps : watching the movie now. It actually opens with the Chibis from the Greed Island Arc explaining the plot….I may need several drinks for this…

  4. jestertill Says:

    short review of the HxH movie :

    Don’t fucking bother. Kurapica movie, my ass. This isn’t even a HxH movie. This is just a generic shounen movie with sub-standard animation. Seriously, some shots in this look like they were drawn by kids.
    The plot is a mess, and the characters are basically rehashing already resolved story-lines and mannerisms, or they’re doing something so stupidly out of character it’s hard to believe Togashi had anything to do with this.
    I had high hopes because of the Kurapica manga chapters. Instead of building on that, they just mention it again, and then proceed to do absolutely nothing with it.
    Fuck this movie.
    Fuck it with Hisoka’s penis.

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