Episode 72 – We can smile again?

You think this is bad? Just you wait, this is just the beginning. For you people who have read ahead, you know what we are talking about. If you are an anime only fan, write in and tell us your thoughts on this episode and what you think is going to happen.  We cover some news, do an anime recap of Episode 80: Evil X And X Terrible and answer some fan questions from before bullet beast was back.

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Dance girl! DANCE!

Opening Song – Escaping from the Wood (Hunter X Hunter Phantom Rouge OST)
Ending Song – Nagareboshi Kirari (ゆず)

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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2 Responses to “Episode 72 – We can smile again?”

  1. jestertill Says:

    I think the chimera ant arc really showcases Togahsi’s greatest strength and weakness : Just too damn many great ideas stuffed into one storyline. I mean, NGL alone is an awesome concept, that would last lesser writers for an entire series. Here it’s just another plot point.
    So far Madhouse has done a great job of re-arranging some of the story elements to make the main plot easier to follow, and more impactful in the long run. This might end up packing a bigger punch than the manga itself.

    But yeah, “you can smile”, indeed. Knowing what’s to come, here’s a question for you guys : How many more episodes before the current OP song is going to feel ludicrously inappropriate, kinda like opening an episode of True Blood with the Sesame Street song ?

  2. […] manga when Togashi gets off his lazy ass and decides doodle one up for us. In our latest podcast Episode 72 – We can smile again?, the DTX crew talk about the shit that gets really real in Episode 80: Evil X And X Terrible and […]

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