Episode 58 – Oh you’re an old trick?!

Appearances can be deceiving, a phrase that certainly pertains to Hunter x Hunter. We cover the news, Episode 62: Reality X and X Raw, and as a special treat, a review of the movie by one of our fans, James Smith. (Click on his name to go to his blog)

News Links:

Second Movie Announcement

Japanese Manga Sales

Comedy Show Info

New Trailer

Soundtrack Preview (Click on the headphone button to preview)

Download Episode 58 – Oh you’re an old trick?!

Episode 58 - Oh you're an old trick?!

One of these days Killua…straight to the moon.

Opening Song – Computer Luv (So’Fly ft K-WON)
Break Song – Latent Power
Ending Song – Reason (ゆず)

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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5 Responses to “Episode 58 – Oh you’re an old trick?!”

  1. Nice.
    I updated the review a little.
    Hope I didn’t spoil it too much.

    Do you guys do giveaways? I got some cool swag for the movie I can donate.

    • …you have swag from the movie….and you want to..*gulp* ..give it away ??

      You are both weird and awesome simultaneously.

      • I always wanted to give back to the community, and I’ve been trying to do it for the past few years by doing one-off translations, raw scans, etc, but never really continued on any one thing.
        This year, one of my resolutions is to do as much as possible. Just looking for the right outlet to do it in. This group has been doing some great work, so I thought I’d start here.
        There are all sorts of collectibles that’ll never reach stateside (or other countries) so I’d like to spread the “wealth”.

      • damedrfoxybrown Says:

        We would appreciate any donations for giveaways you’re willing to supply. We’ll contact you further after we discuss it further.

  2. Like your blog. Looking forward to the arcade review.

    (Psst, guys ! Take this dude up on his kind offer before he changes his mind !)

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