Episode 50 – I’ve Just Got One Question

Did you know it was our 50th episode? Because clearly we didn’t. Regardless, we’re here for you even if there’s no grand hurrah. Diego was unable to join us for this recording, and I’m busy using my inside voice for most of the episode due to actually trying to act like a considerate human being for once. Oh, and Bullet Beast’s here, yay.

Download Episode 50 – I’ve Just Got One Question

Hey Kurapika, it’s me, your best buddy Hisoka. I know you had a long couple of years ahead of you, what with finally moving on to the next stage of grief and potentially engaging in healthy, trusting relationship with other human beings, but let’s be real for a moment. That would’ve been SO boring. I’ve decided instead to put you through the emotional ringer and give you some information you’d really value but would pull the rug out from under you for the third time in about 6 hours. I wanted to message you earlier, but I had to time it just right to undermine Chrollo’s plan to get out of dodge. Which he’s going to do if only I could wrap up this message. He’s alive by the way. Huh, probably should’ve said that first. Anyway, sorry about this being multiple messages, I know you don’t have an unlimited plan. It’s just that 160 characters is so limiting to my free expression bro. Yours in murder,(<3) Hisoka. XOXOXOXOXO (<3)

Episode Reviewed: 54 – Fortunes X Aren’t X Right?

Opening Song – Kijutsu Shi no Baire
Ending Song – Kumo no Canzone

All Songs are owned by their original creators and performers.

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    HURRAH !

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