Episode 33 – Who has been lying to you?

Hey guys, here we are again, another episode. I guess we can’t be stopped.

Download Episode 33
This episode covers Episode 31 – Destiny X and X Tenacity and the ending of Volume 11 (Chapters 101-103).

Dude is having way too much fun with his arm being chopped off.

Scorpion – Rock You Like a Hurricane

Kamen Rider Double Transformation Sequence – Now, count up your sins

A Lannister always pays his debts

Opening Song – Overture- te wotsunai de ~ Kike, doubou yo – [Hunter X Hunter Vocal Song Collection]
Insert Song – Kari [Original Soundtrack 3]
Ending Song – Witch [Greed Island OVA]

All songs are property of their respective owners.
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Voicemail number within the US (only) 954-324-7722

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